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Quotes for
Holly Robbins (Character)
from City Slickers (1991)

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City Slickers (1991)
Barbara Robbins: You know Mitch? I've been thinking. If you really hate your job, why don't you just get out of there?
Mitch Robbins: No, I'm just going to do it better. I'm going to do everything better.
Barbara Robbins: Everything?
[Barbara and Mitch share a long kiss]
Mitch Robbins: See?
Barbara Robbins: Oh, I missed you.
Mitch Robbins: I missed you too.
Barbara Robbins: Let's go home.
Mitch Robbins: Today, is my best day!
[Mitch and Barbara begin to kiss again]
Skycap: Mr. Robbins!
Mitch Robbins: [breaks his kiss with Barbara abrubtly] Yeah, right over here! This is gonna be great.
Barbara Robbins: What, did you get a dog?
Holly Robbins: We got a dog?
Danny Robbins: All right!
Mitch Robbins: Come on little man.
[Mitch opens the oversized cage and grabs the reins on Norman, gently pulling him out of the cage]
Mitch Robbins: . Everyone, this is Norman!
[Norman moos]
Barbara Robbins: It's a cow.
Mitch Robbins: Well,
[Mitch struggles to steady himself as he picks up Norman]
Mitch Robbins: he's a calf, actually.
Barbara Robbins: Mitch, wait. You're gonna put him in the VAN?
Mitch Robbins: Oh yeah, and then the den!
[Mitch loads Norman in the van]
Barbara Robbins: Mitch, you're not taking him home!
Mitch Robbins: [Norman moos again as he is loaded into the van] See kids, he just said, hellllooooooo! Well, just for a little while. Then we'll put him in a petting zoo, so he can be with your mother!
[He grins]
Barbara Robbins: Ah! Come on, let's go home!
Mitch Robbins: [walks around to the driver side of the van] I'm kidding, I'm just kidding! All right, seat belts Norman, seat belts!
[Norman moos]
Barbara Robbins: Mitch...
Mitch Robbins: I hope you went to the bathroom Norman, because we got a long drive ahead of us!
[Barbara puts her head in her hands, exasperated and laughing at the same time at Mitch's foolishness]
Mitch Robbins: Let's go home!