Stephen McCaffrey
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Stephen McCaffrey (Character)
from Backdraft (1991)

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Backdraft (1991)
Lt. Steven McCaffrey: You go. We go.

Lt. Steven McCaffrey: Look at him... That's my brother goddammit!

[In high rise elevator]
Tim Kizminski: How are we supposed to know if the floor is on fire in one of these?
Lt. Steven McCaffrey: When the doors open, if it's hot, don't get out.

Alderman Marty Swayzak: You see that glow in the corner of your eye. It's your career dissapation light and it's going into overtime.
Lt. Steven McCaffrey: If anyone's lights are about to go out, believe me they are yours.

Firefighter Brian McCaffrey: You had to do it, didn't you? Had to be the big Mick Man, taking on the fire bare-handed instead of protecting your probe?
Lt. Steven McCaffrey: I *had it* under control! He just wouldn't listen to me!
Firefighter Brian McCaffrey: He's a *candidate*! YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! You shouldn't have had him up there in the *first place*!
[Steven walks away]
Firefighter Brian McCaffrey: YOU BURNED HIM, STEVEN!
Lt. Steven McCaffrey: FUCK YOU!
[keeps walking away]
Firefighter Brian McCaffrey: Don't you walk away from me...
[Steven turns aroung and slugs Brian]
Firefighter Brian McCaffrey: [Brian goes after Steven, resulting in a brawl]

Lt. Steven McCaffrey: Who's your brother Brian?
Firefighter Brian McCaffrey: You are Steven.

Lt. Steven McCaffrey: The only problem is that in this job is there's just no place to hide. It's not like having a bad day selling log cabins. You have a bad day here and somebody dies... and that's just not fucking good enough.

Schmidt: Yeah, it's jumping floors, Lieutenant!
Lt. Steven McCaffrey: So, where's the second-in companies, huh?
Schmidt: Sorry, man, John Wayne time. You're on your own, boss.

Lt. Steven McCaffrey: Who's your brother, Brian?
Firefighter Brian McCaffrey: You are, Steven.

Lt. Steven McCaffrey: [Steven enters after having saved a child from the fire] Man, that was pretty crazy, huh?
Firefighter Brian McCaffrey: I waited. I woulda waited.
Lt. Steven McCaffrey: Come on, don't worry about it.
Firefighter Brian McCaffrey: But you did it man. You did it all the way Steven, you were really a hero today.
Lt. Steven McCaffrey: Brian... its not about being a hero. I went in because there was a kid up there. You know, I just, I do what I do because that's my way. And it was Dad's way. Maybe it's not everybody's way.
Firefighter Brian McCaffrey: Dad's way? What? Did he tell you that in a fucking séance, Steven? Huh?

Lt. Steven McCaffrey: [to Brian] You got a real short memory for following direct orders... I told you to stay right beside me.

Lt. Steven McCaffrey: [scolding Brian] I told you to stay right befucking side me BRIAN!

Lt. Steven McCaffrey: Hey, Swayzak! You missed it, buddy! Oh, you should have been there, man! Really, it was fuckin' great. I mean, we almost lost it. We almost lost a whole goddamn company for you just because, well, you know, since you shut down Thirty-Three. Well, there's no fuckin' backup, right? And we do, we appreciate it. I mean, I don't know about the rest of the guys, but you got my vote for mayor!
Alderman Marty Swayzak: Look, Lieutenant, if you have a problem, why don't you help us? Why don't you work with the task force...
Lt. Steven McCaffrey: Task force? Three guys have died already this year because of the cuts made by your FUCKIN' TASK FORCE!