Stella Kowalski
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Stella Kowalski (Character)
from A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)

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A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)
Stella: I never listen to you when you're being morbid.

Stella: You think you're going bowling now?

Blanche DuBois: Oh, Stanley! What sign were you born under?
Stanley Kowalski: What sign?
Blanche DuBois: Astrological sign. I'll bet you were born under Aries. Aries people are forceful, dynamic, they dote on noise. They love to bang things around.
Stella: Stanley was born just five minutes after Christmas.
Blanche DuBois: Capricorn - the goat!
[long silence follows as Stanley stares at Blanche]

Stella: He smashed all the lightbulbs with the heel of my slipper.
Blanche DuBois: And you let him? Didn't run, didn't scream?
Stella: Actually, I was sorta thrilled by it.

Stanley Kowalski: Now will you just open your eyes to this stuff here. Now I mean, what - has she got this stuff out of teacher's pay?... Will you look at these fine feathers and furs that she comes to bring herself in here. What is this article? That's a solid gold dress, I believe.
Stella: Oh, honest.
Stanley Kowalski: This one here. What is this, Fox piece?
Stella: Stanley!
Stanley Kowalski: A genuine fur fox a half a mile long... Where are your fox pieces? This is bushy snow-white ones, no less. Where are your white fox furs?
Stella: Those are inexpensive summer furs that Blanche has had a long time.
Stanley Kowalski: Listen, I have an acquaintance who deals in this sort of merchandise and he's coming to make an appraisal.
Stella: Oh, don't be such an idiot, Stanley.
Stanley Kowalski: Listen, Listen, I'm gonna bet you there's a thousand dollars invested in this stuff. Well, now, what is that? That's the treasure chest of a pirate?
Stella: Oh, Stanley! Would you...?
Stanley Kowalski: That's pearls, Stella. Ropes of them. What is this sister of yours, a deep-sea diver? Bracelets, solid gold. Where are your pearls and gold bracelets?
Stella: Be still, Stanley.
Stanley Kowalski: And here you are, Diamonds. A crown for an empress.
Stella: A rhinestone tiara, she wore to a costume ball.
Stanley Kowalski: What is rhinestone?
Stella: Next to glass.
Stanley Kowalski: Yeah.

Blanche DuBois: You're married to a madman.
Stella: I wish you'd stop taking it for granted that I'm in something I want to get out of.
Blanche DuBois: What you are talking about is desire - just brutal Desire. The name of that rattle-trap streetcar that bangs through the Quarter, up one old narrow street and down another.
Stella: Haven't you ever ridden on that streetcar?
Blanche DuBois: It brought me here. Where I'm not wanted and where I'm ashamed to be.
Stella: Don't you think your superior attitude is a little out of place?
Blanche DuBois: May I speak plainly?... If you'll forgive me, he's common... He's like an animal. He has an animal's habits. There's even something subhuman about him. Thousands of years have passed him right by, and there he is. Stanley Kowalski, survivor of the Stone Age, bearing the raw meat home from the kill in the jungle. And you - you here waiting for him. Maybe he'll strike you or maybe grunt and kiss you, that's if kisses have been discovered yet. His poker night you call it. This party of apes.

Stella: Mr. Kowalski is too busy making a pig of himself... Your face and your fingers are disgustingly greasy.

[as Stanley's friends gather to play poker]
Stella: The blind are leading the blind!

Stanley Kowalski: Hey you two hens, cut out that cacklin' in there.
Stella: You can't hear us...
Stanley Kowalski: Well you can hear me, now knock it off!

[last lines]
Stanley Kowalski: Stella! Come on, Stella!
Stella: I'm not going back in there again, not this time, never going back, never.
Stanley Kowalski: Hey, Stella! Hey, Stellaaa!

Blanche DuBois: Why, those were a tribute from an admirer of mine.
Stanley Kowalski: He must have had a lot of admiration.
Blanche DuBois: Oh, in my youth I excited some admiration. But look at me now! Would you think it possible that I was once considered to be attractive?
Stanley Kowalski: Your looks are okay.
Blanche DuBois: I was fishing for a compliment Stanley.
Stanley Kowalski: I don't go in for that stuff.
Blanche DuBois: What stuff?
Stanley Kowalski: Compliments to women about their looks. I never met a dame yet that didn't know if she was good-looking or not without being told, and some of them give themselves credit for more than they've got. I once went out with a dame who told me, " I'm the glamorous type," she says, "I am the glamorous type!" I say, "So What?"
Blanche DuBois: And what did she say then?
Stanley Kowalski: She didn't say nothing. That shut her up like a clam.
Blanche DuBois: Did it end the romance?
Stanley Kowalski: It ended the conversation that was all. You know that some men are taken in by all this Hollywood glamour and some just aren't.
Blanche DuBois: I'm sure you belong in the second category.
Stanley Kowalski: That's right.
Blanche DuBois: I cannot imagine any witch of a woman casting a spell over you.
Stanley Kowalski: That's right.
Blanche DuBois: You're simple, straightforward and honest, a little bit on the primitive side, I should think. To interest you a woman would have to...
Stanley Kowalski: To lay her cards out on the table.
Stanley Kowalski: Well I never did care for wishy-washy people. That was why when you walked in last night, I said to myself, "my sister has married a man". Of course that was all I could hope to...
Stanley Kowalski: [He yells at her] How about cutting the rebop!
Stella: [Entering the room] Stanley! Stanley, you come outside with me and left Blanche finish dressing!
Blanche DuBois: I've finished dressing honey.
Stella: Well you come out then.
Stanley Kowalski: Your sister and I are having a talk.

Stanley Kowalski: [sarcastically: picking up Blanche's tiara] Well what is that? A crown for an empress?
Stella: A rhinestone tiara she wore to a costume ball!
Stanley Kowalski: [serious] What is rhinestone?
Stella: Next door to glass.

Stanley Kowalski: Hey, you hens! Cut out the cackling in there!
Stella: You can't hear us.
Stanley Kowalski: Well you can hear me, and I told you to hush up.

Stella: [talking about her husband, Stanley] He's on the road a good deal... I can hardly stand it when he's away for a night.
Blanche DuBois: Oh, Stella.
Stella: When he's away for a week, I nearly go wild.
Blanche DuBois: Gracious.
Stella: When he comes back... I cry in his lap like a baby. I guess that's what's meant by being in love.

Blanche DuBois: I - I - I took the blows... on my face and my body. All of those deaths, the long parade to the graveyard. Father, Mother, Margaret, that dreadful way... You just came home in time for funerals, Stella. And funerals are pretty compared to deaths. How do you think all that sickness and dying was paid for? Death is expensive, Miss Stella. And I, with my pitiful salary at the school... Yes, accuse me. Stand there and stare at me, thinking I let the place go. I let the place go? Where were you? In there with your Polack.
Stella: Blanche, be still. That's enough.