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Quotes for
Sandy Carver (Character)
from The Ice Storm (1997)

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The Ice Storm (1997)
Sandy Carver: [Sandy needs help with homework] Hey Mikey?
Mikey Carver: Yeah.
Sandy Carver: Geometry?
Mikey Carver: Sure, anything but this English.
Sandy Carver: How come your so good at Math, but not at English?
Mikey Carver: I'm not good at Math, just good at Geometry. It's like you now when they say you have 2 squared, you think it mean 2 times 2 equals 4, but really they really mean a *square*. Its really space, its not numbers, its space. And it's perfect space. But only in your head, because you can't draw a perfect square in the material world. But in your mind, you can have a perfect space. You know?
Sandy Carver: Yeah, but I just need some help with my homework...

Sandy Carver: Where are you going?
Mikey Carver: Out.
Sandy Carver: Its freezing!
Mikey Carver: Yeah
Sandy Carver: Then why are you going?
Mikey Carver: When its freezing, Because it means the molecules aren't moving, so when you breath, theres nothing in the air, you know, you breath into your body, the molecules have stopped, its clean.

Wendy Hood: [playing with a soldier doll] Well, looks like someone got to his private parts before us.
Sandy Carver: Communist Viet Cong.
Wendy Hood: They left it in the jungle.

Janey Carver: Sandy, you idiotic little dope! You could blow yourself sky high with this demented crap!
Janey Carver: Hey... hey. I'll take this.
Sandy Carver: You're not going to tell Dad, are you?
Janey Carver: Would it matter? What's this?
Sandy Carver: You know, just a whip. The one Uncle Frank got me from Mexico.
Janey Carver: Not packed with explosives, is it?
Sandy Carver: No.
Sandy Carver: Play with the whip.