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Inspector Claud Eustace Teal (Character)
from "The Saint" (1962)

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The Saint in London (1939)
Inspector Claud Teal: [asking Simon Templar about his valet] Can he cook, too?
Dugan - Templar's Valet: Look, flatfoot, I cooked for twelve-hundred men three times a day for five years.
Inspector Claud Teal: Oh, that must have been Sing Sing.
Dugan - Templar's Valet: San Quentin, and there were no complaints.
Inspector Claud Teal: [leaving a few minutes later] Have you heard of a prison called Dartmoor?
Dugan - Templar's Valet: So what?
Inspector Claud Teal: They need a cook.

Inspector Claud Teal: [Referring to the situation of the unconscious man on the road] What do you think of it, Wilkins?
Detective Wilkins - Teal's Assistant: What you said... just a fight... probably nothing to it.
Inspector Claud Teal: There's always something to it when Templar has his finger in the pie!

The Saint's Double Trouble (1940)
Simon Templar aka The Saint: I didn't kill that man, Henry.
Inspector Henry Fernack: I know you didn't, but you're involved in it, and I'd like to put the cuffs on yuh.
Simon Templar aka The Saint: Listen, give me 48 hours, and I'll clear up the whole matter for you.
Inspector Henry Fernack: I wouldn't give you 48 minutes. If I had my gun for 48 seconds, I'd turn you in.
Simon Templar aka The Saint: You would?
Inspector Henry Fernack: Yes.

Policeman: [after he's shot "The Boss"] Shall I call an ambulance?
Inspector Henry Fernack: Better make it a hearse.

"The Saint: The Set-Up (#3.15)" (1965)
Inspector Claud Eustace Teal: You plan to sit around here all day?
Simon Templar: Actually I was planning to rob a jewellery store, but you inhibit me.

The Saint in Palm Springs (1941)
Insp. Henry Fernack: [to the two detectives the Saint has handcuffed together] Well, you'd better go down to the police garage and borrow a file. When you get those things off, you better use it to sharpen your wits.

The Saint Takes Over (1940)
Simon Templar: Rocky is still at his night club.
Inspector Henry Fernack: Now, wait a minute, Simon. Why can't I go to a nightclub? I'll not be party to any rough stuff.
Simon Templar: [Dismissively] You toddle off to bed like a good boy. These denizens of iniquity are no place for a respectable married man. I'll just drift into Rocky's gin palace and see what's going on.

The Saint Meets the Tiger (1943)
Insp. Claud Teal: I'm not through with you yet!
Horace: But I don't know anythung!
Insp. Claud Teal: If you say that again, I'll arrest you on suspicion!