Herbert Pocket
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Herbert Pocket (Character)
from Great Expectations (1946)

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Mr. Pip (2012)
Herbert Pocket: [referring to Matilda] Who was that, Handel?
Pip: Nobody.
Matilda Naimo: [interjecting indignantly] His name is Pip.
[to Pip]
Matilda Naimo: Or have you abandoned that too, along with Joe and everyone else?
Pip: And you're so much better? I'm sorry, Matilda, but you have no idea what is expected of a gentleman.
Matilda Naimo: I do. I just don't see one here.

Great Expectations (1999) (TV)
Herbert Pocket: [after meeting Magwitch at Pip's apartment] "Have I the pleasure of meeting Mr. Joe Gargery, then? You are not as Pip describes you."