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Adrian (Character)
from Little Nicky (2000)

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Little Nicky (2000)
Peter: Drink up. Here's to fifty million clams.
Adrian: To the defilement of Earth and the corruption of its people.
Peter: Okay whatever, just drink it.
Adrian: It's awfully hot down here. How do you manage to stay so cool?
John: Uh, beer lowers the body temperature. I read that in a beer magazine.
Adrian: This liquid would probably quench my thirst, cool me off.
Peter: Definitely.
John: It'll give you a pretty good buzz.
Adrian: Or maybe it will trap me inside for all of eternity.
John: Uh, no it won't.

Adrian: Welcome to the party! It's so nice to see you all here! I'm so proud of you. You've taken to sin with such minimal prompting. You're acting as if there is no heaven or hell. Well, I've got news for you.
[Lifts cape up and turns into priest]
Adrian: There is most definitely a hell and you're all gonna go there when you die. Which is in about 15 minutes.
Deacon: Holy shit! We really are gonna die!

Adrian: I'm going to kill you with my bare hands.
Nicky: I'm ready for ya'.
[Adrian punches Nicky]
Nicky: I guess I wasn't ready.

Adrian: Grandpa Lucifer always said it was better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven. Well, I'm tired of serving in Hell.

Adrian: I hear a train a-comin'!

Adrian: At the stroke of midnight, my father will be completely deteriorated and all your souls will be mine. Soon you will see things more horrible than you can even imagine
[stops... sees Nipples dancing erotically]
Adrian: Well... maybe not that horrible... but still pretty bad...
[looks away]

Nicky: I'll beat you Adrian!
Adrian: You cant beat me Nicky, even the voice inside your head has a speech impediment

Adrian: I bring you a dear sweet man, Mr. Henry Winkler!
[audience cheering]
Henry Winkler: Good evening.
Adrian: Covered in bees!

Adrian: What time is my brother expected to arrive?
John: Noon...
John: [looks at the clock and sees that it's past noon, desperate] ... ish?