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Quotes for
Nicky (Character)
from Little Nicky (2000)

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Little Nicky (2000)
Nicky: I'm from the South. The Deep South.

Nicky: Popeye's chicken is fuckin' awesome!
Demon: Popeye's chicken is the shiznit!

Gatekeeper: Are there boobs on my head?
Nicky: Yeah, big ones.

Nicky: Can I wash my winky in your kitchen sinky?

Valerie: Nicky!
Nicky: Valerie!
Valerie: What are you doing?
Nicky: I think I'm floating.
Valerie: Why would you be floating?
Nicky: Maybe it's because of this cake I ate earlier.

Nicky: That's not me! That's that cockroach Tony Montana!

Nicky: [after going to heaven] What is this? Is it Dad's birthday?

Nicky: So where did you meet Dad?
Holly: It was a long time ago at this heaven/hell mixer.
Christa: I remember that night. You had like four daiquiris.

Adrian: I'm going to kill you with my bare hands.
Nicky: I'm ready for ya'.
[Adrian punches Nicky]
Nicky: I guess I wasn't ready.

Chubbs: You mambo?
Nicky: No, I don't think so.
Chubbs: It's all in the hips, it's all in the hips, it's all in the hips...

Nicky: Get in the flask!
Popeye's Cashier: What're you talkin' about, man?
Nicky: I'm talkin' about an 8-piece, let's go!

Nicky: I never been to Earth, Dad! I never even slept over some other dude's house!

Jimmy the Demon: You were gone ten seconds, what happened?
Nicky: I was hit by this big light that was attached to a lot of metal.
Satan: That was a train, son, don't stand in front of them.
Nicky: Well, I'll have to take a mulligan on this one.

Nicky: Good luck with the nipple rubbing!
Nipples: [rubbing nipples] I don't need luck! I'm gooood!

John: Hey, by the way, Nicky, check this out, what's Ozzy tryin' to say there?
Nicky: John, absolutely nothing, the blizzard always came straight with his messages, but wrap your minds around this, gentlemen.
[Pulls out a Chicago album]
Todd: I love this song.
[Nicky plays the album backwards -"I command you, in the name of Lucifer, to spill the blood of the innocent..."]
Peter: Oh my God, Chicago kicks ass!

Nicky: How can I win? Adrian is stronger and smarter than me.
Holly: Stronger? yes, Smarter? definitely. But, you have something that he doesn't have.
Nicky: A speech impediment?

Nicky: Yo, fossil-head! I got a bone to pick with you!

Nicky: You want a pillow fight, do ya? then let's let the feathers fly!

Todd: Okay this is really creeping me out. My TV just exploded.
Nicky: Your damn right it exploded!... I mean, "really?"

Nicky: I'll beat you Adrian!
Adrian: You cant beat me Nicky, even the voice inside your head has a speech impediment

Todd: You know, this cake tastes kind of funny.
John: Oh yeah, I dumped a fat sack of reefer into the mix. I thought I'd spice up the batch.
Mr. Beefy: Really?
Nicky: What's Reefer?
Mr. Beefy: About five Hundred bucks an ounce.

Nicky: [after preacher runs away screaming about burning up, Nicky turns to speak to Mr. Beefy] I don't know what that guys problem is, it's freezing up here!

Nicky: Release the good.
[shoots rainbows out of hands and group of bunnies appear]
Nicky: Yes, they're furry.
Demon: Bunny, Bunny, Bunny, Bunny!

Nicky: [speaking in Korean to vendors] A thousand good mornings to you, my friends!
Korean Vendor: [speaking to wife in Korean] You grab him, I'll punch him in the dick until he passes out.
Korean Vendor: [repeatedly in Korean] Monster!

Nicky: [after being told he needs to die] I'll just go to Heaven!
Mr. Beefy: Not if you do something bad right before you die!
Townie: I know! Cover Winkler in bees! You can do it!
Nicky: [sees Winkler covered with bee stings] Sorry, Henry!

Nicky: I will eat your heart.