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Quotes for
Katie (Character)
from 1408 (2007)

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1408 (2007)
Katie: Are there people where I'm going?
Mike Enslin: Hey... you're not going anywhere, kiddo. You're going to stay right here with us.
Katie: Daddy... everyone dies.
Lily Enslin: When they're old.
Mike Enslin: When they're much older.
Lily Enslin: Okay? And then they go to a better place. It's beautiful there, all your friends will be there.
Katie: Is God there?
Mike Enslin: Yes.
Katie: Do you really believe that Daddy?

Katie: Daddy!
Mike Enslin: No, you're not real.
Katie: I'm cold!
Mike Enslin: No, you're not Katie!
Katie: I love you Daddy. Don't you love me anymore?
Mike Enslin: Of course I do, sweetheart!

Katie: [while room burns] Daddy... Everyone dies.
Mike Enslin: [Starts laughing hysterically]