Col. Abraham Curtis
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Col. Abraham Curtis (Character)
from Dreamcatcher (2003)

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Dreamcatcher (2003)
Colonel Curtis: The men call the red stuff "Ripley", after the broad in the Alien movies.

Colonel Curtis: Come with me, Owen... I'll show you things you'll wish you'd never seen.

Colonel Curtis: Those poor schmucks... they drive Chevrolets, shop at Wal-Mart, never miss an episode of Friends. These are Americans. The idea of slaughtering Americans... it just turns my stomach.

Colonel Curtis: OK, Owen. OK. You just drove over the Curtis line.

Colonel Curtis: Whose radio is that?
[upon hearing crashed aliens pleading for sympathy]
Captain Owen Underhill: It's not the radio, boss. They're putting it directly into our heads.
Colonel Curtis: There it is, gentlemen. Directly into our heads. This gives you an idea what we're up against. Now if anybody is thinking, "Why, those poor helpless little fools... all naked and unarmed besides their crashed intergalactic Winnebago. What kind of a dog, what kind of a monster... could hear that heartbreak and go in just the same?" Well, I'm that dog. I'm that monster. These mothers are as harmless as a fox in a hen house. And I'm here to kick some ass! Are you with me?

Colonel Curtis: [to Owen] Bucko, I think we're on the same page - pissin' in the same latrine.

Colonel Curtis: Do you think I'm crazy, Owen?
Captain Owen Underhill: A little bit.