Sasha Thomas
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Sasha Thomas (Character)
from Urban Legend (1998)

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Urban Legend (1998)
Sasha: Spit it out Felicia.
Felicia: Thats just the problem, I didn't.

Sasha: Please, I don't wanna die. I don't wanna die...

Nerdy Guy: Hey, listen.
[an audible scream in the middle of a song emits from the speaker]
Nerdy Guy: That scream, that's an actual cry for help by a girl being murdered.
Sasha: [feigning interest] You're kidding me!
Nerdy Guy: No! That's why it sounds so real. Because it was lifted off a 9-11 tape.
Sasha: [sarcastically] That's great.

Sasha: Parker, why do you always have to be such a jerk?
Parker: I was just messing around.
Sasha: Look, I'm gonna go to the radio station, okay?
Parker: Hey. Who's my girl? Who's my girl?
Parker: [Sasha blows him a kiss before leaving the party] That's my girl!

Sasha: Somebody told me she was listening to my show when it happened. I mean, my voice was probably the last thing she heard, can you imagine?