Sasha Thomas
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Biography for
Sasha Thomas (Character)
from Urban Legend (1998)

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Sasha Thomas is a main character appearing in Urban Legend portrayed by Tara Reid. Sasha serves as the popular anchor for 'Under The Covers with Sasha: The Voice Of Pendleton University' a radio podcast on WZAB radio that helps Pendleton Students with sexual scenarios and advice. Sasha is a 19 year old student at Pendleton University, New Hampshire and the girlfriend of Pendleton Student and Omega Sigma Phi Fraternity Co-ordinator Parker Riley. She is a close friend of fellow Pendleton students Natalie Simon and Damon Brooks and recently Pendleton transfer Brenda Bates. She was murdered in 1998 at the WZAB Radio Station near Pendleton University Campus by Brenda Bates in the get-up of the William Wexler hood. Sasha was a student in Pendleton Professor William Wexler's American Folklore class along with Michelle Mancini, Natalie, Parker, Damon, Tosh Guaneri and Brenda. She was selected for murder by friend Brenda for being a close friend of Natalie Simon, her primary target and as she is a student along with her in Wexler's class which fits her perfectly in the framing of Professor Wexler, whom she planned to implicate as a copycat of the Stanley Hall Murderer to which Professor Wexler was the sole survivor of. Sasha was killed via William Wexler's prop battle-axe which was brought numerous times upon the center of her head; splitting it grotesquely in half before she was finished by Brenda with a swipe across the throat, decapitating her. Due to the gruesome violence of Sasha's murder her death is relatively off-screen and more heavily implied. Part of her death is witnessed by Natalie who upon hearing Sasha's screams over the radio came to the station. Sasha's death at Brenda's hands was executed under the Urban Legend of 'The Radio Star's Death' where a young woman is murdered over the radio but's death is believed to be a publicity stunt and is ignored as actually occurring. Sasha is the only victim of Brenda Bates to have a chase scene as Sasha is able to initially flee Brenda and is pursued throughout the station, until she is chased back towards her broadcasting booth where she is brutally killed. Her body is discovered by campus security officer Reese Wilson who like Natalie had heard her cries over the radio.

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