Hamilton Bartholemew
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Hamilton Bartholemew (Character)
from Charade (1963)

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Charade (1963)
Hamilton Bartholomew: [watching Reggie light another one of his cigarettes, immediately after snuffing one out she had barely puffed] Do you know what these things cost over here?

Hamilton Bartholomew: I've got something here. I've got liverwurst, liverwurst, chicken, and liverwurst.
Reggie Lampert: No, thank you.

Hamilton Bartholomew: Mrs. Lampert, do you know what C.I.A. is?
Reggie Lampert: I don't suppose it's an airline, is it?

Hamilton Bartholomew: Stop, Mrs. Lampert, or I'll kill you!
Adam Canfield: It won't get you the stamps, Dyle. You'll still have to come out, and I'm not likely to miss at this range.
Hamilton Bartholomew: Maybe not, but it takes a lot of bullets to kill me. They left me there with five in my leg and my stomach. They knew I was alive, but they left me there. I spent ten months in a German prison camp with nothing to stop the pain. They left me there. They deserved to die.
Adam Canfield: But I had nothing to do with it.
Hamilton Bartholomew: You've got the money now. It belongs to me. Mrs. Lampert, they knew I was alive, but they left me there. That's why I had to kill them. All four of them. Please believe me: I'll kill you too. It won't make any difference... I've come too far to turn back. I swear I'll kill you!