Nicholas Devereaux
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The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004)
Mia Thermopolis: I loathe you!
Nicholas Devereaux: I loathe YOU!
Mia Thermopolis: I loathed you FIRST!
Nicholas Devereaux: [kisses Mia]

Nicholas Devereaux: I'm Nick. Viscount Mabrey's nephew.
Andrew Jacoby: Ah, the chap who's trying to stage the palace coup. I'm Andrew Jacoby. Nice to meet you.
Lilly Moscovitz: [Thrusting out her hand to shake his] Lilly Moscovitz, official best friend of future queen. I don't like you.
Nicholas Devereaux: Pleasure.

Nicholas Devereaux: Tell me your greatest desires.
Mia Thermopolis: Tell me a secret.
Nicholas Devereaux: Isn't that the same thing?
Mia Thermopolis: Almost, but anyone can see your desires. No one knows what's in your heart.

Nicholas Devereaux: [kneels before Mia] If I may be so bold, I would like an audience with Your Highness.
Mia Thermopolis: [motions for him to go ahead] What is your dilemma, young man?
Nicholas Devereaux: You are, in fact. I am in love with the Queen-to-be, and I am inquiring if she loves me, too.
Mia Thermopolis: Do you have a chicken for my table?
Nicholas Devereaux: No. No, my kitchen is out of chickens.

Nicholas Devereaux: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, with hair so fine. Come out your window, climb down the vine.
Mia Thermopolis: The feat you ask, dear sir, isn't easy. And I won't respond to that line, it's far too cheesy.

Mia Thermopolis: [stepping on Nicholas's foot the first time] Oh! Your foot, I'm so sorry, are you all right?
Nicholas Devereaux: Oh I'll survive, Your Highness, the fault was entirely my own.
Mia Thermopolis: Are you sure you don't want to exchange licenses and proof of insurances?
Nicholas Devereaux: No, no. These shoes were a little big anyway. The swelling should help them fit better.

Nicholas Devereaux: I haven't danced with you since your birthday.
Mia Thermopolis: That's a fact, not a secret.
Nicholas Devereaux: The secret is, I still want to.

Nicholas Devereaux: [after Mia angrily stomps on his foot] It's alright, she always does that.

Mia Thermopolis: Oh, well aren't you just... crafty. Do you want to know what else you were doing while you were doing your little lie dance?
Nicholas Devereaux: Lie dance?
Mia Thermopolis: Oh, yeah, that is exactly what you did.
Nicholas Devereaux: What is a lie dance?