Lilly Moscovitz
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Lilly Moscovitz (Character)
from The Princess Diaries (2001)

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The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004)
Lilly Moscovitz: [singing to herself while watching Mia and Andrew play badminton] They're smitten, while playing badminton. Where's my kitten?

Mia Thermopolis: [while watching a list of possible husbands, a picture of Prince William appears] Yes! Oh yes! I, I, I absolutely accept!
Charlotte Kutaway: Prince William. He's not eligible because he's in line for his own crown.
Mia Thermopolis: [Disappointed] Oh.
Joe: If he's not eligible, why is he included in these pictures?
Charlotte Kutaway: I just love to look at him.
Queen Clarisse Renaldi: Me too.
Mia Thermopolis: Mmm-hmm.
Joe: Your Majesty!
Queen Clarisse Renaldi: Next?
Charlotte Kutaway: Antoine Suisson of Paris. Plays the harp. No title, but good family.
Lilly Moscovitz: What about the title "husband?"
Mia Thermopolis: Yeah, he's cute.
Joe: His boyfriend thinks he's handsome, also.
Mia Thermopolis, Lilly Moscovitz: Right on.
Queen Clarisse Renaldi: No matter. Put him on all the invitation lists, he's a divine dancer.

Captain Kip Kelly: [Yelling in Military fashion at the parade] Identify, Mustang personnel!
Lilly Moscovitz: Why do you talk like that?
Captain Kip Kelly: [Still yelling] I'm... Captain Kip Kelly of the Royal Guard!
Lilly Moscovitz: What if we all talked like that?
Lilly Moscovitz: Lilly Moscovitz, best friend of Princess Mia, *riding* in the 'Stang!

Nicholas Devereaux: I'm Nick. Viscount Mabrey's nephew.
Andrew Jacoby: Ah, the chap who's trying to stage the palace coup. I'm Andrew Jacoby. Nice to meet you.
Lilly Moscovitz: [Thrusting out her hand to shake his] Lilly Moscovitz, official best friend of future queen. I don't like you.
Nicholas Devereaux: Pleasure.

Mia Thermopolis: Oh my God, you're here!
Lilly Moscovitz: I know!
Mia Thermopolis: In Genovia!
Lilly Moscovitz: I know!
Mia Thermopolis: You're in my closet!
Lilly Moscovitz: Yeah.
Mia Thermopolis: You're blonde!
Lilly Moscovitz: I'm blonde!

Mia Thermopolis: Oh, by the way, I'm getting married!
Lilly Moscovitz: To who?
Mia Thermopolis: I don't know.

Lilly Moscovitz: [smiling] I'm a girl who loves black and is wearing pink.

Lilly Moscovitz: Does this popcorn taste like pears?
Mia Thermopolis: Mmm, Genovian specialty.

[Nicholas is lingering a few feet away. Mia notices him]
Mia Thermopolis: Look over there.
Lilly Moscovitz: Should I shoo him? Should I shoo him? Just tell me who I should shoo and I'll shoo.

The Princess Diaries (2001)
[running to catch up Mia and Michael]
Lilly: [screaming] WAIT FOR ME, WAIT FOR ME!
[Two others teenagers stop, and look at her]
Lilly: Wait, wait. No, not you - I don't even know you!

Lilly: Michael, don't always think you could get a ride with us and...
[sees Mia's new look]
Lilly: Oy. Who destroyed you?
Mia: Oh. You-you think it looks that bad?
Lilly: You look ridiculous. You should sue.
Mia: Well um... I know it's a little straighter and shorter and...
Lilly: Weirder!
[Get's in limo]
Michael: An attractive weirder.
Lilly: No, it's not attractive!
Joe: Seat belts, please.
Lilly: What I really can't understand is that you ditched me again yesterday when I really needed your help at the greenpeace petition.
[picks up bag]
Lilly: These bags! You HAVE one of these bags? You know, we could hock that and feed a whole third world country!
[Looks at Michael]
Lilly: Am I right?
Michael: No.
Joe: If there are no more passengers, I think we should close the door.

Lilly: You're morphing into one of them! Next week you'll be waving pom-poms in my face!

Lilly: You know you look like Shaft?

Lilly: Is your mom dating an undertaker?

Lilly: Michael, can you please pretend you have a life for just one moment?

Lilly: The student body may be morally bankrupt, but that doesn't mean they're blind!