Jackie Price
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Jackie Price (Character)
from The Jacket (2005)

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The Jacket (2005)
Jackie Price: Do you want this?
[offers a cup of coffee]
Jack Starks: I want this.
[reaches out and kisses her]

Jackie Price: How much time do we have?

Jack Starks: I'm running out of time.
Jackie Price: I don't care. You have to come back. I didn't ask for you, but now... you just have to come back.
Jack Starks: It's not like that. I don't have control over it.
Jackie Price: Well, get control.
[Jack goes back to 1992 and Jackie is alone in the bed in 2007]
Jackie Price: Come back to me, Jack.

Jackie Price: You got somewhere you need to go?
Jack Starks: [long pause] I'm not sure.
Jackie Price: Well, let me ask you that again. This time, look around and consider your options. Have you got somewhere you need to go?
Jack Starks: Yeah, I do.
Jackie Price: Well, great. Get in.

Jackie Price: There's nothing to steal, but don't be a jerk and take something anyway.
Jack Starks: No. I wouldn't.
Jack Starks: My name is Jack.
Jackie Price: No. Let's not do the name thing, because it's - I don't wanna meet you. I may wanna help you tonight, but I don't wanna know you, really.

Jackie Price: How you doing?
Jack Starks: Better now.

Jackie Price: Jack Starks is *dead*.

Jackie Price: So, where I can take you?
Jack Starks: I don't know.
Jackie Price: What do you mean, you don't know?
Jack Starks: I don't know.