Lyle Endicott
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Lyle Endicott (Character)
from "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (1955)

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"Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Cheney Vase (#1.13)" (1955)
Lyle Endicott: Mr. Koether, the work I did here as your assistant could have been done by a reasonably intelligent child. Leaving won't be exactly a hardship. However, you're rather conveniently forgetting my severance pay.
Homer Koether: If you want to make an issue of the money, Lyle, I'll be glad to take it up with the board. I'm prepared to go completely over your record for the three months you've been here. Your inability to arrive even approximately on time, the four days off last month with no reason whatsoever...
Lyle Endicott: It was spring, Mr. Koether, though I doubt whether you were aware of that.
Homer Koether: I want you out of this building by three o'clock.