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Quotes for
Basie (Character)
from Empire of the Sun (1987)

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Empire of the Sun (1987)
[Tossing a pair of sunglasses to Jim as the Japanese army begin to beat him]
Basie: I want these back when they're done.

[Frank and Basie are about to leave Jim in the street]
Jim: [desperately] Basie, first I could show you some rich pickings. Hundreds of houses left empty. I could show you some of the houses I lived in before Frank found me. They were luxuriant!
Basie: Luxuriant? You had good sense being born there, Jim. I'm sure there was good living.
Jim: There certainly was good living, Basie. There - there was opulence!
Basie: Heh heh. Opulence. Frank, we'll go and take a look at some of these houses. Let's go, Frank. Opulence.

Jim: We'll have to leave the camp.
Basie: That's the idea, Jim. First one side feeds you and the other side tries to get you killed, then it's turned around; it's all timing.

Basie: Jim, didn't I teach you anything?
Jim: Yes! You taught me that people will do anything for a potato.

Basie: Oh, buying and selling, Frank. You know. Life.

[after Basie's friend killed Jim's Japanese friend]
Jim: Bastard! He gave me a mango!
Basie: I'll give you a whole goddamn fruit salad. There are Frigidaires falling from the sky. It's kingdom come!
Jim: He was my friend!
Basie: He was a Jap!
Jim: The war's over!

Basie: What did you say your name was boy?
Jamie: Jamie and I'm building a man-flying kite and writing a book called Contract Bridge.
Basie: Jim a new name for a new life.

Basie: Don't let me down kid you're an American now.
Jim: [in a Brooklyn accent] Hey how'ya doin' Frank?

Dainty: What else you betting with Baise?
Basie: My LIFE.
[shows a copy of LIFE magazine]

Frank: [Frank and Basie see Japanese men dancing in the house] Damn it Basie, they're Japs
Basie: I can see that Frank, back out of here.
Frank: I can't back out, there's no reverse
Basie: Just go foward
Frank: Come on.

Basie: Jesus, those Coney Island pilots!

Basie: It's at the beginning and end of war that we have to watch out. In between, it's like a country club.