Lara Antipova
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Lara Antipova (Character)
from Doctor Zhivago (1965)

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"Doctor Zhivago" (2002)
Lara: I was hoping you wouldn't remember me. I don't think I made a good impression upon you before.
Yuri: You made an impression.

Lara: Listen, you could turn around, walk down the stairs, and go home.
Yuri: No, I can't.
Lara: No, I don't want you to.

Lara: I saw you in the library.
Yuri: Why didn't you speak to me?
Lara: Don't tell me you didn't see me.

Doctor Zhivago (1965)
Lara: Wouldn't it have been lovely if we'd met before?
Zhivago: Before we did? Yes.
Lara: We'd have got married, had a house and children. If we'd had children, Yuri, would you like a boy or girl?
Zhivago: I think we may go mad if we think about all that.
Lara: I shall always think about it.