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Lady Thiang (Character)
from The King and I (1956)

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The King and I (1956)
Lady Thiang: They think you dress like that because you shaped like that!
Anna: Well I most certainly am not!

Lady Thiang: [meeting Anna for the first time]
Lady Thiang: There is a happy land, far far away, where saints in glory stand bright, bright as day!
Lady Thiang: [Anna looks confused] Mis-on-ary!
Anna: Oh, a missionary taught you English!

King: You think you teach King lesson, but this is one lesson you do not be paid for teaching. In the future, you will stop instructing wives and children in silly English song "Home Sweet House". To remind me of breaking promises I never make, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
Anna: Your majesty, I do not intend to have my boy brought up in a harem, and you did promise me a house; "a brick residence adjoining the palace," those were your very words in the letter.
King: [obviously does remember] I do not remember such words.
Anna: I remember them.
King: I will do remembering. Who is king here? I remind you, so you remember that? I do not remember any promises. I do not remember anything, except that you are my servant.
Anna: Oh, no, your majesty.
King: What, what, what? I said you are my servant.
Anna: No, your majesty, that is not true. I am most certainly not your servant, and what is more, if you do not give me the house you promised, I shall be forced to return to England immediately.
[children protest]
Princess Ying Yaawolak: I believe in snow!
Lady Thiang: Do not let her go away.
King: I let her do nothing that is not my pleasure. It is my pleasure that you stay here, in palace, in palace!
Anna: No, your majesty.
King: [heavy sigh] Why do you wish to leave these children, all of whom are loving you so extraordinarily?
Anna: I do not wish to leave them. I love them, too, quite extraordinarily, but I cannot stay in a country where a promise has no meaning.
King: I will hear no more about this promise!
Anna: A land where there is talk of honor and a wish for Siam to take its place among the modern nations of the world, where there is talk of great changes, but where everything still remains according to the wishes of the king.
King: You will say no more! No more!
Anna: I will say no more, because there is no more to say. Come, Louis.
[Anna and Louis leave. Children protest]
King: Out, out, OUT!
[everyone, except the King, leaves]