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Tuptim (Character)
from Anna and the King (1999)

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Anna and the King (1999)
Tuptim: [to Anna] If love was a choice, who would ever choose such exquisite pain?

Tuptim: I remember my first rice festival. People come from everywhere to see king. He bless all crops, and it begin to rain. I think he was a God.
Anna Leonowens: And now?
Tuptim: He is also a man.

Tuptim: How did Mem survive?
Anna Leonowens: The same way you will. One awful day at a time.

Tuptim: [speaks in English] He wrote to me, to bid me farewell. Believing that I was lost forever on the inside! To commit his life in monastery...
Third Judge: [interrupts her, in Thai] You will speak in your native tongue!

The King and I (1999)
Tuptim: If we stay, death. If we go to Burma, death. We have no country to go to.
Prince Chululongkorn: We make our own country, in jungle.

Tuptim: [holding a vase of flowers] For your room, Mrs. Anna.
Anna Leonowens: Oh, how lovely!
[Tuptim looks at poetry book]
Anna Leonowens: Oh, you must have something in return.
Tuptim: Oh no, Mrs. Anna, you will be punished for giving book to servant!
Anna Leonowens: [giving Tuptim the poetry book] Oh, nonsense, I'm a teacher.

The King and I (1956)
Tuptim: Good day, Madam. My name is Tuptim. I already speak English.
Anna: And very nicely, too.