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Quotes for
Markl (Character)
from Howl's Moving Castle (2004)

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Howl's Moving Castle (2004)
Howl: So, what do you have in your pocket, Sophie?
Old Sophie: Huh?
[Finds a folded piece of paper]
Old Sophie: What is this?
Howl: Give it to me.
[paper burns leaving marks on the table]
Markl: Scorch marks! Howl, can you read them?
Howl: That is ancient sorcery and quite powerful too.
Markl: Is it from the Witch of the Waste?
Howl: "You who swallowed a falling star, o' heartless man, your heart shall soon be mine." That can't be good for the table.
[covers the marks with his hand]
Markl: Wow! It's gone!
Howl: The mark maybe gone but the spell is still there.

Howl: Markl, make sure the cleaning lady doesn't get carried away while I'm gone.
Markl: Sophie, what did you do now?
[Sophie shrugs]
Calcifer: She almost smothered me! If I die, Howl dies too, I hope you know.

Markl: Wait! You can't come up here!
Old Sophie: Whatever you don't want me to clean, better hide it now!
Markl: Save my room for last, OK?

Markl: Move it, Grandma! Or you'll lose your nose!

Markl: [Shadows begin to creep from walls] He's calling the spirits of darkness... I saw him do this once before when a girl dumped him!

Markl: [reading the newspaper] But the newspaper says we won
Witch of the Waste: [while smoking a cigar] Only idiots believe what they read in the paper
Old Sophie: That's so strange I can't get Calcifer going!
[to the Witch of the Waste]
Old Sophie: Do you have to keep smoking that it smells terrible!
Witch of the Waste: Don't deny an old witch her pleasures young lady
Old Sophie: Markl will you crack a window please?
Witch of the Waste: [continues smoking] I wouldn't open that window if I were you dear, Calcifer's too weak right now to protect this place, Suliman's henchmen could get in.