Penny Pingleton
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Penny Pingleton (Character)
from Hairspray (1988)

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Hairspray (2007)
Motormouth Maybelle: Well, looks like y'all took a step outta bounds.
[to Seaweed]
Motormouth Maybelle: Who've we got here?
Seaweed: Mom, I want you to meet my new friends. This here is Link, Tracy Turnblad...
Tracy Turnblad: [interrupts] This is just so afro-tastic!
Seaweed: And this young lady right here, is Penny Pingleton.
Penny Pingleton: I'm very pleased and scared to be here.
Motormouth Maybelle: Now, honey, we got more reason to be scared on your street.

Penny Pingleton: [after Tracy is rejected by Velma and the Council Members] I think they secretly liked you.

Penny Pingleton: [looks into the camera] I am now a checkerboard chick!
[grabs Seaweed and kisses him passionately]

Seaweed: My mom's havin' a platter party tonight. Y'all wanna come check it out?
Tracy Turnblad: Now?
Penny Pingleton: Would you mind if I, too, checked it out? I've never been to North Avenue before.
Link Larkin: Uh... well, would it be safe, you know... for us?
Seaweed: Calm down, cracker boy, it's cool.
Penny Pingleton: Wow! Being invited places by colored people!
Tracy Turnblad: It feels so hip!
Seaweed: I'm glad y'all feel that way, 'cause, uh, not many people do.

Motormouth Maybelle: [to Seaweed and Penny] Oh, so this is love?
[pauses, then smiles]
Motormouth Maybelle: Well, love is a gift, a lot of people don't remember that. So, you two better brace yourselves for a whole lotta ugly comin' at you from a neverending parade of stupid.
Penny Pingleton: [deadpans] So, you've met my mom?

Prudy Pingleton: [about Tracy, who was just on the news] You see? You see! If I let you leave the house right now, you'd be in prison, fighting whores for cigarettes. That Tracy Turnblad always was a bad influence! Well, you are never, ever gonna see that beehived harlot again.
Penny Pingleton: [sees Tracy in the window, gets up to leave] Okay, mother. Excuse me.
Prudy Pingleton: Penny!
[offers her a rosary]
Prudy Pingleton: Pray for her. She's gonna need it.

Penny Pingleton: Without that show I have nothing!
Prudy Pingleton: Having nothing builds character!

Tracy Turnblad: Penny, the cops are looking for me everywhere... you could go to jail for helping me!
Penny Pingleton: Tracy, I'm already in jail. Come on!

Penny Pingleton: Oh, no!
Tracy Turnblad: What?
Penny Pingleton: Your hair deflated!
Tracy Turnblad: Let it. It was just a symbol of my conformity to the man.
Penny Pingleton: You are so tough.

Penny Pingleton: Mom, please don't send my best friend to the big house!
Prudy Pingleton: [grabs Penny] Penny, hush!
Tracy Turnblad: You haven't heard the last of me, Mrs. Pingleton! Things need to change, and I won't stop trying to change them. I don't care how long it takes.
Prudy Pingleton: Good! You'll be waiting twenty to life.

Prudy Pingleton: Get the jump rope, Penny.
Penny Pingleton: [runs out of the room] Mom, not the jump rope!
Prudy Pingleton: [to Tracy] Don't you touch my canned tuna!

Prudy Pingleton: [tying Penny to her bed with a jump rope, as Penny stoically says nothing]
Prudy Pingleton: Penny Lou Pingleton, you are absolutely, positively, permanently punished. You will live on a diet of saltines and Tang, and you will never leave this room again.
Prudy Pingleton: [tosses holy water on Penny] Devil child, devil child!
Penny Pingleton: [glowers at her mother]

Penny Pingleton: Seaweed? Shhh, don't let her hear you!
Seaweed: What happened to you?
Penny Pingleton: [sighs] She's punishing me for harboring a fugitive without her permission. What are you doing?
Seaweed: I'm here to rescue the fair maiden, baby.
[kisses Penny]
Penny Pingleton: Oh, Seaweed, you do care! I was afraid the colors of our skin would keep us apart.
Seaweed: No... but these knots might.
[still trying to untie her]
Seaweed: Was your mom in the Navy?

Seaweed: Livin' in the ghetto, black is everywhere you go. Who'd have thought I'd love a girl whose skin was white as winter snow?
Penny Pingleton: In my ivory tower, life was just a Hostess snack, but now I've tasted chocolate, and I'm never goin' back!

Corny Collins: Roll Call!
Council Members: I'm Amber! Brad! Tammy! Fender! Brenda! Sketch! Shelley! IQ! Lou Ann! Joey! Mikey! Vicki! Becky! Bix! Jesse! Darla! Paulie! Noreen! Doreen! And I'm... Link!
Tracy Turnblad, Penny Pingleton: [scream from home in front of their TV]

Link Larkin, Tracy Turnblad, Penny Pingleton, Seaweed: [ending the song "Without Love"] Darlin' you had best believe me, never leave me without love!
Edna Turnblad: [called from off camera] Link, your pork is ready!

Penny Pingleton: [about Amber] Plastic little spastic.

[from trailer]
Penny Pingleton: [to Tracy, at the dance] Get out there and show them!

Penny Pingleton: I don't know why we have this room, but there's food, water, a bed, gas mask, Russian language books...
Tracy Turnblad: ...and it's really well insulated.

Hairspray (1988)
Edna Turnblad: Tracy, I have told you about that hair. All ratted up like a teenage Jezebel!
Penny Pingleton: Tracy's "flamboyant flip" is all the rage, Miss Edna. Jackie Kennedy, our First Lady, even rats her hair.
Edna Turnblad: But Tracy ain't no First Lady, are your Tracy? No siree. She's a hair hopper, that's what she is!

Penny Pingleton: I wish I was at a hootenanny in Harlem.

Penny Pingleton: I'm just a little nervous.
Tammy: This is show business young lady. If you're nervous now, Hah. Wait 'til you're on the air.

Beatnik Chick: Are you a checkerboard chick, you know, black and white, salt and pepper
Penny Pingleton: Yes, I'm a checkerboard chick, I guess

[first lines]
Tracy Turnblad: Come on! Come on!
Penny Pingleton: Okay, all right.
Tracy Turnblad: Will you hurry up?