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Quotes for
Donnie Barksdale (Character)
from The Gift (2000)

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The Gift (2000)
Donnie: She's a God damn witch! She's putting spells on every-damn-body in town!

Donnie: I'm guilty of cheating on my wife, of being a bad husband, a bad Christian. But I ain't guilty of killing Jessica. I swear to God.

Donnie: I asked her that myself one time. She said I was the only man in town that knew how to fuck.
David: You're disgusting.

David: Didn't you tell Sheriff Johnson, that you got scratched by the stray cat, because she didn't like when you killed her.
Donnie: Yeah, but I was lying. My wife was standing right there!
David: How do I know, you're not lying now?

Donnie: [to Annie] You know what this is? It's a voodoo doll. I'm gonna use this voodoo doll on you. Some of your own medicine. If you don't stop seeing my wife, I'm sticking me a pin in this thing every night, till you learn to leave folks alone.

Donnie: [to Annie] Messing with the devil's gonna get you burned. Everybody knows that.

Donnie: [to Annie] Witch!
[to Valerie]
Donnie: Get your god damn ass in the truck!

Donnie: Buddy, you better mind your own business.
Buddy: I intend to, Donnie.
Donnie: Mother fucker! God damn it! Fuck! Mother fucker!
[points a gun at him]
Buddy: Shoot me! Shoot me! Shoot me, you mother fucker! Shoot me! Shoot me!

Donnie: I bet you love your little children, don't you? I bet they need their mama, don't they?
Donnie: [to Annie's kids] What's your name?
Annie: [angrily] Get your ass out of my house! Don't you threaten me or my kids! Now what I do here is my buisness. And if your wife has any sense, she'll leave you so far behind, you'll never find her. Now you get out of here before I have you thrown in jail!