Lt. Chris Burnett
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Lt. Chris Burnett (Character)
from Behind Enemy Lines (2001)

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Behind Enemy Lines (2001)
Admiral Reigart: You still got your boots, have you, cowboy?
Chris Burnett: Roger. They were tied on.

Chris Burnett: Holy Shit! We're being painted!

Chris Burnett: [being chased by the S.A.M] Chaff! Chaff! Chaff!

Chris Burnett: You're an optimist, sir. See I had you figured for a grouch.

Chris Burnett: I don't know you tell me sir?

Chris Burnett: Golden Nest, Archangel Zero-Six! We have been engaged!

Miroslav Lokar: [Stackhouse is being interrogated after he is captured by Serb troops] Are you alone?
Stackhouse: Correct.
Chris Burnett: [the Serb troops, along with Lokar, leave and Stackhouse is watched by Sasha. Burnett observes from a nearby hill and sees Sasha execute Stackhouse]
Chris Burnett: NO!
[Sasha looks at the hill where Burnett is. Knowing that he gave away his position, Burnett starts to run]
Sasha: [Whistles to the nearby Serb troops and shouts in Serbian and begins shooting] There's another one!
Bazda: [In Serbian] Fire on the hills!
[Serb troops begin firing on Burnett as he escapes]

Chris Burnett: [Burnett hands Reigart the evidence that contains the photos of the mass graves that Burnett and Stackhouse photographed] This is why they killed Stackhouse!

Babic: It's not safe here. We keep moving.
Chris Burnett: No, you go. They killed my pilot because we took pictures of the graves, and I know where they are. And I am gonna get them, so he didn't die for no reason.
[Walks up to Babic and pats him on the back]
Chris Burnett: Don't follow me, it's safer here.
[Burnett leaves the area, and Babic walks off]

Chris Burnett: [Over the radio] Archangel is down and I am on the run!

Chris Burnett: Everybody thinks they're gonna get a chance to punch some Nazi in the face in Normandy, but those days are over. They're long gone.

Chris Burnett: [Burnett learns that he and Stackhouse are being assigned to a reconnaissance mission over Bosnia] Son of a bitch!
[Stackhouse comes up to Burnett]
Chris Burnett: [Referring to Admiral Reigart] Did you see this? He put us on the holiday mission! God damn it!
Stackhouse: Yeah, well look on the bright side, at least we get to fly, right?
Chris Burnett: Yeah, during the one good meal of the year, it's almost as if he doesn't like us.
Stackhouse: [Jokingly] No, you. Not me. You.

Chris Burnett: [Burnett arrives at the designated evacuation point]
[Over the radio]
Chris Burnett: Alpha Whiskey, this is Zero-Six, come in.
Admiral Reigart: [Over the radio] Zero-Six, go ahead.
Chris Burnett: Zero-Six is at rally point three and is standing by.
Admiral Reigart: Zero-Six, latest intel says your current location undoable for pickup. Standby to copy rendezvous point.
Chris Burnett: Say again your last, I am at the rendezvous point.
Admiral Reigart: You need to hump it out to safe zone. I set IP Cadillac, Canada 1-5, Virginia 2-0, for evac.
Admiral Reigart: [Burnett looks at his map and realizes the newly designated extraction zone is miles away from his current position] No. Negative, negative! I do not understand. Why is this spot not doable for pickup? I am good to go! I say again, I am good to go, NOW!

Stackhouse: [On Bosnian grounds after being shot down] You think they saw us eject?
Chris Burnett: [Pulling out his radio] We're not gonna be round to find out. Reigart's gonna be really curious about what happened to his $40 million plane.

Stackhouse: [Burnett and Stackhouse are having a discussion about a letter that Burnett wrote in which he expressed his interest of resigning from the Navy] O'Malley told me you dropped your letter, he's bullshitting me, right?
Chris Burnett: Nope, he's telling the truth.
Stackhouse: Oh, so you're gonna break up the band? That's good. Listen, Chris, I thought you were kidding about getting out. Are you telling me I gotta find another navigator? Is that the deal?
Chris Burnett: I can't do it anymore. I'm done, I'm sorry.

Chris Burnett: Where are we heading?
Babic: Hac.
Chris Burnett: Hac? That's good. Good.
[Next scene shows the truck the two men are aboard enter Hac, which is a war zone]

Chris Burnett: [after a helicopter tasked with rescuing Burnett turns away after the mission of rescuing Burnett is canceled] You've got to be shitting me!

Admiral Reigart: You should be glad you're not in the middle of a fight, Lieutenant. Because with your attitude, you wouldn't last very long.
Chris Burnett: Sir, with all due respect, I've given the Navy seven good years. I think I've served my country.

Chris Burnett: [to Reigart] Sir, I signed up to be a fighter pilot. I didn't want to be a cop. And I certainly didn't want to go walking a beat on a neighborhood nobody cares about.

Ejup: Lokar's coming back here again, killing everyone.
Babic: It's true. Lokar killed everyone. Children and women. Buried them up in the hills.
Chris Burnett: In the hills? Yeah! I saw them, I saw the graves!
[Burnett has a flashback of the mass graves he encountered earlier]
Chris Burnett: Yes! I saw them! I saw the bodies in the hills. Tell them, I'm an American! I'm on your side!

[Last lines]
Chris Burnett: [Aboard the helicopter after the rescue mission] Hey, Admiral! You're holding a letter for me. I'd like to have it back!
Admiral Reigart: I think I can find it!
[Reigart hands Burnett the letter. Burnett then crumples the letter, which had stated his intent of leaving the Navy. The rest of the crew look on happily and amused. The song 'Rescue Blues' by Ryan Adams fades in]

Chris Burnett: [to Reigart over the radio] Sir, I shouldn't have left Stackhouse.

Stackhouse: We're not supposed to fly that sector, Chris. The brass will have a shit-fit.
Chris Burnett: Hey, we're on recon so let's recon something.