Marilyn Dean
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Marilyn Dean (Character)
from The Break-Up (2006)

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The Break-Up (2006)
Marilyn Dean: Travis, get your gorgeous tuchus out of here.

Marilyn Dean: Honey, This isn't serialism or cubism, its paint by numbers.
Marilyn Dean: Yoh, Go see Mishka, my personal waxer at the spa. Ask her for the Telly Savalas, complements of M.D.
Marilyn Dean: Then go show Gary your immaculate canvas and let him see another man eager to paint it. Got it, Got it?

Marilyn Dean: What is this problem... so severe... that has caused you to blaspheme in the Synagogue of Marilyn Dean?

Marilyn Dean: Who am I?
Brooke: Marilyn Dean.
Marilyn Dean: And where are we?
Brooke: The Marilyn Dean Gallery.
Marilyn Dean: And of whom is that portrait?
Brooke: That is, uh, Marilyn Dean.
Marilyn Dean: Yeah. Now, your personal life is your personal life... but you look like shit. And if you look like shit, Marilyn Dean looks like shit, and then it's my business, and when it comes to my business... I don't like anything that's distracting. So I want you to take the rest of the day off... to be sad... and get back here tomorrow ready to take care of... business! Got it?

Marilyn Dean: Discover a path... that doesn't lead back here.

Marilyn Dean: Go and show Gary your immaculate canvas, and another man eager to PAINT it.