Harvey 'Dog' Pollard
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Harvey 'Dog' Pollard (Character)
from Bandits (2001)

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Bandits (2001)
Harvey: I don't know. Kate's a special lady.
Terry: Kate is an iceberg waiting for the Titanic.

Harvey: What about the mini-van?
Terry: You leave it here.
Harvey: But I like the mini-van!
Terry: I appreciate that. But as it's a stolen mini-van it's probably best that you leave it here.

[Terry and Harvey are waiting for Joe and Kate. Harvey is dressed in a very loud cowboy outfit]
Terry: Harvey?
Harvey: Yeah?
Terry: Do you remember what I said about conspicuous behavior?
Harvey: Keep it low profile.
Terry: Are you achieving it do you think?
Harvey: Yep.
Terry: Good boy.
Harvey: What do you think of my boots?
Terry: Very lifelike.