Teresa Gazelle
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Teresa Gazelle (Character)
from Running Scared (2006)

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Running Scared (2006)
Teresa Gazelle: Back the fuck off! I will blow you away!

Teresa Gazelle: [Joey is going down on Teresa] No, no, no. Nicky's around.
Joey Gazelle: No, Nicky's busy. Come on, I'll be quick and real quiet. Come on.
Teresa Gazelle: Quiet? I don't think so. Quick, I can believe.

Teresa Gazelle: [referring to Nicky's teacher] She said he's always distracted and he never finishes his work, and she wants to get him tested.
Joey Gazelle: Wait, she wants to get him tested? Tested for what?
Teresa Gazelle: I think maybe, uh, attention disorder or something.
Nicky Gazelle: I'm not fucking A.D.D.
Joey Gazelle: Hey! You don't use that word in front of your mother.
Nicky Gazelle: What's wrong with A.D.D.?
Teresa Gazelle: [slapping the back of his head] The other one, smartass! And he don't use that word, period!

Teresa Gazelle: [to Dez] I said back the fuck up, you sick, twisted, motherfucking cunt!

Teresa Gazelle: [to Nicky] Go wash up. Those hands are scary.

Joey Gazelle: [pulling her aside] Listen to me. That piece... that's not just any hot piece. Tommy used it to burn a dirty cop.
Teresa Gazelle: Oh no, Joe.
Joey Gazelle: Yeah. No, no. Listen. On top of it, that kid's out there right now. The cops are on their way. If they find the gun or they find the kid and he talks, I'm dead.
[Joey slams his hands on the wall]
Joey Gazelle: Fuck!
Teresa Gazelle: Calm down! Calm down. We can get to him. You can get to the gun before the cops do.

Teresa Gazelle: [talking over the phone] Where the hell are you?
Joey Gazelle: Taking care of things.
Teresa Gazelle: Well forget about it because they picked up Oleg at a bus station with some hooker.
Joey Gazelle: Who picked him up? The cops?
Teresa Gazelle: Yeah.
Joey Gazelle: Jesus Christ. This is fucking bullshit.
Teresa Gazelle: Hey...
Joey Gazelle: Fuck!
Teresa Gazelle: Hey! You got Nicky with you?
Joey Gazelle: Yeah, he's right here.
Teresa Gazelle: Then stop using your mouth around him and bring my son home.

Joey Gazelle: [after Teresa confesses to killing the pedophiles] Why couldn't you just have taken the kid and left? Why couldn't you just have taken the kid and left?
Teresa Gazelle: I have never seen evil before tonight, Joe. Real fucking evil. Okay? And I know that's not what I see when I look in your eyes.
Joey Gazelle: Thanks a lot, T.
Teresa Gazelle: I'm trying to make a point here.
Joey Gazelle: No, I know the point you're trying to make!
Teresa Gazelle: I did not marry an evil man, okay? I did not marry an evil man. Shady, sleazy, mixed up with the wrong kind of people, but definitely not evil.
Joey Gazelle: I know what you're trying to say, T.
Teresa Gazelle: Do you? I hope so. I have turned my back on a lot of things since we've been married. My eyes are wide open on this one.

Joey Gazelle: Hey, Nick. Throw me some bread.
[Nicky goes to hand Joey bread when a bullet comes through their window]
Joey Gazelle: Oh, shit! Get down! Get down!
[crawls on the floor over to Nicky and Teresa]
Joey Gazelle: Are you okay? You okay? Nick?
Teresa Gazelle: Jesus, Joe. What the hell?
Joey Gazelle: Stay here. Motha Fucka. Mother Fucker! I'm gonna kill that fuckin piece a shit.
[runs to the closet to get his gun]
Joey Gazelle: You Russian piece a shit!

Teresa Gazelle: I said back the fuck off, you sick twisted motherfucking cunt!

Edele: [as Teresa is checking the strange apartment in search of Oleg] Well, it's all about the children, and as you can see, there's no Oleg.
Edele: I really hope that you find him.
Edele: You hear too many stories these days. God only knows if it were our children...
Teresa Gazelle: [after Teresa is led out of the door, she starts barging in] Where are your children's photographs?
Edele: [politely] Excuse me?
Teresa Gazelle: No, photographs. Photographs. If they were your children, you would have at least one photograph somewhere in this apartment...
Edele: This is ridiculous! We only just moved into this place. Everything's in storage.
Edele: Now, I really must ask you to leave! I INSIST!
Teresa Gazelle: [while running to the video room] It's too much. It's like some kind of a lure!
Dez: You're making a mistake...
Edele: Tell her to leave, Dez...
Dez: Ma'am, if you don't leave right now, I am calling the police!
Teresa Gazelle: Call them, CALL THEM! And be sure to mention that you've got two abducted children in the next room! Two children who don't appear in any photographs in this house...
Edele: [Walks up to Teresa] How dare you suggest that we...
Teresa Gazelle: [Teresa suddently points a gun to Edele and Dez] Where's the boy?
Teresa Gazelle: [pause]
Teresa Gazelle: WHERE IS HE?

Teresa Gazelle: [after she revives Oleg and sends him out of the house, she points her gun at Dez] Move over. Get out of his way!
Dez: [as Oleg walks out of the room] You know I've got a safe in the bedroom. There's $100,000 in cash there in diamonds. All you have to do is take the boy and walk away!
Teresa Gazelle: [Teresa observes the hidden closet where obscene child pornography is shown along with body bags and surgical knives] Oh my God... Oh my God!
[Teresa feels the plastic floor]
Teresa Gazelle: Oh my God... Oh my God.
Teresa Gazelle: Oh, you sick fucks!
Dez: [stutters nervously] You're right, we are. We're sick. We are! This is really great, this is going to help us...
Teresa Gazelle: Give me your phone...
Dez: Please. Yeah!
[Dez hands over Teresa his cell phone]
Edele: What're you doing?
911 Dispatcher: She wants the phone...
911 Dispatcher: [Teresa grabs the phone and dials 911] 911. What is the nature of your emergency?
Teresa Gazelle: I just heard shooting across the hall. 1456 Owin's Park Lane.
911 Dispatcher: What is your name, ma'am?
[Teresa hangs up]
Edele: You're not serious...
[Teresa lifts up her gun and shoots them both]