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Margaret O'Hara (Character)
from The Story of Seabiscuit (1949)

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The Story of Seabiscuit (1949)
Walkin' Murphy, Milford's Boy: Is, uh, is, uh, you folks, uh...?
Margaret O'Hara: Could you be apt to telling me if there's a certain Mr. Millford, the horse breeder, anywhere about?
Walkin' Murphy, Milford's Boy: I don't rightly know what you's saying, missy. I'm here to pick up some folks that's going out to Mr. Millford's farm. A couple of foreigners.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: What language is this strange person talking, Maggie?
Margaret O'Hara: I'm not sure.
Walkin' Murphy, Milford's Boy: Don't y'all speak the English language?
Margaret O'Hara: Yes, we do. Now, you listen carefully. This is Mr. Shawn O'Hara. I'm his niece. We've come all the way from Ireland. Mr. Millford's expecting us. Mr. Millford!
Walkin' Murphy, Milford's Boy: Yes'm. Yes'm. You is which I'm looking for. I'm Mr. Millford's boy.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: His boy, you say?
Walkin' Murphy, Milford's Boy: Yes, sir. Murphy's the name, sir.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: Murphy - Did he say Murphy?
Margaret O'Hara: I think he did, Uncle Shawn. Did you say Murphy?
Walkin' Murphy, Milford's Boy: Yes, missy. Murphy. They calls me Walkin' Murphy.
Margaret O'Hara: Walkin' Murphy?
Walkin' Murphy, Milford's Boy: Yes'm. Most of us Murphys down here just sit. I walk.
Margaret O'Hara: Well, that's fine.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: Murphy! Now what part of Ireland are you from?
Walkin' Murphy, Milford's Boy: I don't rightly know, sir. Us Murphys down here only got a casual acquaintance with the Irish.
Margaret O'Hara: Come on, Murphy. Take us to Mr. Millford.
Walkin' Murphy, Milford's Boy: I almost forgot what Mr. Millford said.
[clears his throat]
Walkin' Murphy, Milford's Boy: Welcome to Kentucky, the Bluegrass state.
Margaret O'Hara: Thanks, Murphy. Start walking.
Walkin' Murphy, Milford's Boy: Yes'm.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: Paris, Murphy, Bluegrass...
Margaret O'Hara: It's a strange, new world, Uncle Shawn.

George Carson, Head Trainer at Milford Farms: I hear you're a magician, Shawn. You can look at a yearling and tell like that whether he'll turn out champion or cow.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: You exaggerate my abilities, George, but...
Thomas Milford, Owner Milford Farms: But that's exactly why you're here, Shawn.
George Carson, Head Trainer at Milford Farms: Oh, brother! Why, we can't even tell when they're two-year-olds. Even after we've tested them plenty against each other we sometimes let a future winner go to the sales.
Margaret O'Hara: Perhaps you've let too many winners get away, Mr. Carson.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: Now, Maggie, naturally George is doubtful.
Margaret O'Hara: If it's proof you want, Mr. Carson, listen to this: In all the years Uncle Shawn trained for Lord and Lady Maitland in Ireland, devil a colt that turned the trick was sold by them.
George Carson, Head Trainer at Milford Farms: All right, Miss Margaret. Let me in on the secret, will you?
Margaret O'Hara: Of course. 'Tis simple. When it comes to a thoroughbred horse, Uncle Shawn is fey.
George Carson, Head Trainer at Milford Farms: Fey? What's that?
Margaret O'Hara: It has to do with the little people: elves, gnomes, fairies.
George Carson, Head Trainer at Milford Farms: So we're going to have the fairies pick our horses for us. Well, I give up. Boss, you can have my resignation whenever you want it.
Thomas Milford, Owner Milford Farms: Of course not. Don't fly off the handle. You and Shawn will make a great team.

Ted Knowles, Jockey: You know, you've got an accent just like old Shawn. On you I like it.
Margaret O'Hara: My, you're a fast starter.
Ted Knowles, Jockey: That's my reputation. Then you did know all along who I was.
Margaret O'Hara: I found out.
Ted Knowles, Jockey: Interested?
Margaret O'Hara: I should have known you were a jockey.
Ted Knowles, Jockey: Oh, that's all right. I can't expect you to know everything before we've even got started.
Margaret O'Hara: Jockey's have sort of a special something about them that's easy to tell.
Ted Knowles, Jockey: Uh, the bandy legs?
Margaret O'Hara: 'Tis more a secret thing of the spirit, I'm thinking.
Ted Knowles, Jockey: Say, what's your name?
Margaret O'Hara: Margaret O'Hara.
Ted Knowles, Jockey: Margaret. I'll tell you what, Margaret. I'll win my first race this year for you, if you promise to be there with maybe a two-spot on his nose.
Margaret O'Hara: No. Never.
Ted Knowles, Jockey: Why not?
Margaret O'Hara: It would be bringing back a black memory to torment me.
Ted Knowles, Jockey: Well, now who's talking crazy? Look, Margaret, I've got to work a couple more horses. Where can I see you again soon?
Margaret O'Hara: No place at all.
Ted Knowles, Jockey: No place at all? Am I that hard on the eyes?
Margaret O'Hara: You're not hard on the eyes at all, Ted, but you're a jockey. Goodbye.

Thomas Milford, Owner Milford Farms: I agree with you, Margaret, he should get to a warmer climate.
Margaret O'Hara: Where should I be taking him for a warmer climate?
Thomas Milford, Owner Milford Farms: You'll go with him?
Margaret O'Hara: Oh, indeed'n I will, sir.
Thomas Milford, Owner Milford Farms: Well, what about your nursing?
Margaret O'Hara: I'll be nurse to him and him alone until he's well.
Thomas Milford, Owner Milford Farms: Well, then. I think we'd better make it California. Charlie Howard bought a stock farm out there. He could use a man like Shawn.

Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: But I'll tell you all the news later. Get in some other clothes. You're going to Santa Anita with me.
Margaret O'Hara: Well, Seabiscuit isn't running today, is he?
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: No, he's not, but you'll see something with two legs who's in a fair way to become a champion himself. Need I tell you his name?
Margaret O'Hara: No, you needn't. I can't go. I'm on duty.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: You love Ted, don't you?
Margaret O'Hara: Please, Uncle Shawn. This isn't the time or the place. I told you, I'm on duty.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: I'm thinking of your duty to yourself. You're neglecting it shamefully. You'll never be happy sticking your head out of sight like a bloomin' ostrich. Hold it up proud, me girl, and face the truth. Now, hurry, you're free for the afternoon.
Margaret O'Hara: Who said so?
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: The superintendant. I just talked with her.
Margaret O'Hara: You didn't tell her we were going to the races?
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: I told her you were my niece, that I was from Ireland, and that I'd be in Los Angeles for just this afternoon.
Margaret O'Hara: Why you lying old devil.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: Oh, you do me a great wrong, Maggie. There's not a word of a lie in it. You're me niece right enough, and surely to goodness I'm from Ireland, and I'm driving back to the ranch this very night.
Margaret O'Hara: Are you sure it was the superintendant, Miss Newsome, you saw? I doubt her letting anyone off for any reason.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: That's it, Newsome. A sour, old witch with a voice like a foghorn, and an eye like a tomcat.
Miss Newsome, nursing superintendant: [coming up behind them] Did I hear my name?
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: Me dear, lady, you did indeed. I was just talking about a Miss Newsome of County Kerry. I was thinking how strange it was that you, so kind, so generous, so understanding, should have the same name as that old harridan. Get into your street clothes quickly, child. There's a service at All Saints at two o'clock.

Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: You'll be right in your element here, Maggie. We're all nurses now.
Margaret O'Hara: Nurses?
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: The patient is one little horse, Seabiscuit. We're getting ready to try for the Santa Anita again.
Margaret O'Hara: But the paper said he was finished.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: Yes, and I'd have sworn it, too, but now I know that so long as he can draw breath, you can't finish him. Tomorrow Ted is working him against the two best horses on the ranch.
Margaret O'Hara: Ted? Is he here?
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: As if you didn't know.
Margaret O'Hara: I've forgotten all about him. How is he?
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: Coming along as fine as Seabiscuit. In the Santa Anita, you'll see Ted up on him.
Margaret O'Hara: I won't see him.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: You still love the lad, Margaret.
Margaret O'Hara: I tell you, he's out of my mind completely.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: But not out of your heart.
Margaret O'Hara: Sure and I can't help myself. Ah, the devil take Ted Knowles.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: Margaret, your happiness is more important than the big race. Would it lift the cloud off your eyes if I tried to talk Ted out of riding?
Margaret O'Hara: I'd be the happiest girl in the world. Uncle Shawn, you're a darling.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: Oh, hold on now. It's not an accomplishment at yet.
Margaret O'Hara: You won't have any trouble getting someone just as good as Ted to ride the Seabiscuit.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: Well, I've asked George Woolf to stand by in case Ted doesn't come around soon enough. Jockey for jockey there's little to choose between them.
Margaret O'Hara: Well then, things are going to work out right for everyone, aren't they?
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: 'Tis to be hoped for, Maggie darling.

Margaret O'Hara: Aren't you going to have some of your chocolate cake? Wong makes it grand.
Ted Knowles, Jockey: No, I can't touch it. But, I could have some if... Margaret, listen to me. You wouldn't marry Ted Knowles the jockey. Would you marry Ted Knowles your Uncle Shawn's assistant?
Margaret O'Hara: Ted, do you really think he meant you?
Ted Knowles, Jockey: Yes, that scheming, conniving old faker. He's as sound as he ever was. You know what I think? You put him up to it.
Margaret O'Hara: Oh, no, Ted. It was his idea entirely.
Ted Knowles, Jockey: You O'Haras. I think maybe I'm marrying a -
[Margaret kisses him]
Margaret O'Hara: An O'Hara will do anything to get what he wants. At least, that's the way it is with this O'Hara.
[Ted kisses her]
Ted Knowles, Jockey: [pulls out a wedding ring] Here. Try this on.
Margaret O'Hara: Oh, Ted, darling. It's sparkling like my heart. And how did you happen to bring it along tonight? Could it be, now, that you've planned the whole thing with Uncle Shawn?
Ted Knowles, Jockey: No. I bought it the day before I went to the hospital. I've been carrying it around just in case. The O'Haras have nothing on the Knowles when it comes to getting what they want.
Margaret O'Hara: Ted, darling, you're a wonderful boy to give up what you love best for me.
Ted Knowles, Jockey: What I used to love best doesn't count anymore. You're my favorite across the board.

Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: Now, Maggie, hold your horses!
Margaret O'Hara: Don't ever mention horses to me again!
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: If you'll only listen, I'll explain. An emergency call. Woolf signed with another stable. Ted was obligated to save the situation.
Margaret O'Hara: Why Ted? There are jockeys to be had for the asking.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: None of them who know the Biscuit as well as Ted. And Maggie, darling, I had the devil's own time convincing him. But I finally persuaded him that you would see things in the proper light.
Margaret O'Hara: Oh, I should never have trusted him alone with you. You're a deceitful old man. And tell me this, Shawn O'Hara: Why should I see it in what you're pleased to call the "proper light"?
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: Because as promised, it would have led to the lad's ruination. He was losing respect for himself. And before long, he would have lost respect for you as well. Now, go to him and tell him that you're as happy as a lark that he's riding the Biscuit in the handicap.
Margaret O'Hara: I can't do that. You ought to understand. You know how I feel.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: I understand this, Margaret, that you're lacking in courage.
Margaret O'Hara: That's not fair.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: Margaret, you've been running and running away from your problem instead of turning around and facing it squarely. Ted's going to ride in the big race. And I want you to want him to ride. It's the only thing that'll cure you.
Margaret O'Hara: Since when did your great knowledge of horseflesh extend itself to women? You-you two-faced old meddler!

Ted Knowles, Jockey: Margaret.
Margaret O'Hara: Was ever a woman so humiliated, to have her man stolen by a horse?
Ted Knowles, Jockey: You don't really mean that it's over?
Margaret O'Hara: 'Tis not tricks that I'm up to, Ted. I came to say goodbye and to wish the two of you, you and Seabiscuit, the best of luck.
Ted Knowles, Jockey: But, I thought you'd be able to forgive me when you saw how it was.
Margaret O'Hara: Forgive you for allowing Uncle Shawn's evil, old tongue to sway you?
Ted Knowles, Jockey: I'm not hiding behind your uncle.
Margaret O'Hara: The old conniver. Oh, aren't you now? I suppose he had nothing to do with it.
Ted Knowles, Jockey: I would have done it anyway. Because I love you, I thought it was the right thing for me to quit riding. But it wasn't right because it made me quit a loser. And this much I do know about the O'Haras, you wouldn't want a man that was a loser. So, I'll quit a winner or not at all.
Margaret O'Hara: Is that all you have to say, Ted?
Ted Knowles, Jockey: That's all Margaret. Except, I love you.

Ted Knowles, Jockey: Well, there he is. Boy, would I like to take him to the post again.
Margaret O'Hara: Ted.
Ted Knowles, Jockey: Don't worry. He spoils you for riding any other horse. And look, baby, I'm not a jockey anymore. When those boys are out there fighting for position with mud in their eyes, I'm sitting up in the stands...
Margaret O'Hara: I know. Nice and easy with my little old sweetheart beside me.

Margaret O'Hara: [about Seabiscuit] He is small. A full hen below the rest.
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: Sure he's small in the body, but big in the heart.
Margaret O'Hara: What do they call him?
Shawn O'Hara, Seabiscuit's Trainer: Seabiscuit. You'd be hearing the name someday.