Det. Jack Mosley
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Det. Jack Mosley (Character)
from 16 Blocks (2006)

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16 Blocks (2006)
Jack Mosley: You're a sunny little shit, I'll give you that much.

Jack Mosley: Days change, seasons change, people don't change.

Jack Mosley: Oh yea, you give the car keys to your best friend and you let him take the old lady to the hospital. You stay at the bus stop with the girl because she's the girl of your dreams, right? So everything is going to be ok.

Frank Nugent: [after the shootout in Chinatown, Nugent is talking to Mosley through the door] You still there, Jack?
Jack Mosley: Yeah, I'm still here.

Jack Mosley: Never met your sister?
Eddie Bunker: No.
Jack Mosley: Wow.
Eddie Bunker: So I'm going out to Seattle to meet her. I'm looking forward...
Jack Mosley: Maybe she turns out to look like Angelina Jolie.
Eddie Bunker: Shit, if she do, I hope she ain't my sister.

Jack Mosley: You're not gonna die on me, are you?
Eddie Bunker: I dunno, I ain't never died before.

[first lines]
Jack Mosley: [tape recording] It's Detective Jack Mosley, Shield number 227. I guess this will be my last will and testament. This is for Diane. When this day is over, they're gonna come and talk to you about this and they're gonna... gonna tell you what happened, Diane. But what they tell you is not really what happened here. So I hope that you get this. I was trying to do a good thing.

Jack Mosley: [interrupting Eddie's impassioned speech at climax of standoff] Hey, you're killin' me.

Jack Mosley: [as an answer to Eddie Bunker's riddle] You give your car keys to your best friend, who takes your car and drives the old lady to a hospital. You stay behind with the love of your life.