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Shan-Yu (Character)
from Mulan (1998)

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Mulan (1998)
Guard: [after lighting the signal fire] Now all of China knows you're here.
Shan-Yu: [lights a flag on the fire] Perfect.

Imperial scout: The Emperor will stop you.
Shan-Yu: Stop me? He invited me.
[clutching the scout and holding him aloft]
Shan-Yu: By building his wall he challenged my strength. Well, I'm here to play his game.

Shan-Yu: I tire of your arrogance, old man. Bow to me!
The Emperor of China: No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it.
Shan-Yu: Then you will kneel in *pieces*!

[Shan-Yu releases two captured Imperial scouts to give the Emperor a message]
Shan-Yu: How many men does it take to deliver a message?
[Hun Archer draws back his bow and aims]
Hun Archer: One.

[to a pair of captured Imperial scouts]
Shan-Yu: Nice work, gentlemen. You found the Hun army.

Shan-Yu: Looks like you're all out of ideas.
[he stabs at her with his sword; she dodges, catches the sword with the fan and twists it out of his hands]
Mulan: Not quite.

Shan-Yu: You took away my victory!
[Mulan's shoe hits his head]
Mulan: No!
[Shan-Yu faces Mulan]
Mulan: I did.
[she pulls back her hair so that Shan-Yu recognizes her]
Shan-Yu: The soldier from the mountains...
[Mulan runs off with Shan-Yu following]

Shan-Yu: [tosses doll to soldiers] What do you see?
Hun Twin 2: Black pine. From the high mountains.
Hun Twin 1: [finds hair on doll] White horse hair. Imperial stallions.
Hun: [sniffs doll] Sulfur... from cannons.
Shan-Yu: This doll came from a village in the Tung Shao Pass, where the Imperial Army's waiting for us.
Hun Archer: We can avoid them easily.
Shan-Yu: No. The quickest way to the emperor is through that pass. Besides
[smiles at doll]
Shan-Yu: the little girl will be missing her doll. We should return it to her.