Eric Qualen
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Eric Qualen (Character)
from Cliffhanger (1993)

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Cliffhanger (1993)
Eric Qualen: [to Tucker after Gabe has apparently been swept off the mountain during an avalanche] Your friend just had the most expensive funeral in history...

Qualen: I must say, you're a real piece of work.
Gabe: I must say, you're a real piece of shit.

Qualen: You want to kill me, don't you, Tucker? Well, get a number and get in line.

[the jet is about to make an emergency landing after they screwed up]
Eric Qualen: Don't bother to buckle up - you may not want to survive this.

Travers: Tucker and Walker! We're missing 3 bags.
Gabe Walker: What's in them?
Travers: None of your fucking business!
Eric Qualen: Suits, socks, 100 million dollars - the usual stuff.

Eric Qualen: Kill a few people, they call you a murderer. Kill a million and you're a conqueror.

Eric Qualen: Do you know what real love is, Kristel?
Kristel: No.
Eric Qualen: [whispers in her ear] Sacrifice...
[shoots her]

Eric Qualen: Love is a killer, isn't it?

Eric Qualen: Travers, have you lost your mind?
Travers: Have I lost it? Fuckin-A, I've lost it, Qualen! Pure fucking Section Eight!

[over the radio]
Travers: It's Walker! The son of a bitch is still alive, Qualen.
Eric Qualen: No names, this is an open line.
Travers: I don't give a damn, ERIC QUALEN!

Travers: Get off my back, Qualen!
Qualen: Off? I haven't even got on it... yet.

[During the theft of the money, Travers zip lines from one plane to another]
Eric Qualen: Why didn't you send the money first?
Travers: Somehow I didn't think you'd wait for me if I sent it first.

Eric Qualen: [watching Kristel assemble the bomb] You'll make a good wife for someone one day.
Kristel: You should see me bake a cake.

Eric Qualen: Tucker and Walker, you resiliant bastards! You're still alive!

Hal Tucker: You son of a bitch! You said you wouldn't kill him!
Eric Qualen: Sue me.