Colonel Geofferey Brydon
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Colonel Geofferey Brydon (Character)
from The Jungle Book (1994)

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The Jungle Book (1994)
Colonel Brydon: I think a man lucky who could count you as a friend.

Colonel Brydon: It's not done! It's just not done!
Katherine 'Kitty' Brydon: What's not done? I haven't done anything.
Colonel Brydon: People are beginning to talk.
Katherine 'Kitty' Brydon: People always talk.
Colonel Brydon: I just want what's best for you!
Katherine 'Kitty' Brydon: Well I think you want what's best for you!

[first lines]
Colonel Brydon: [narrating] Life is a spinning wheel, it has been said. With each spoke, a tale to be told. So keep silence along the banks, and I will tell you one of these tales; a story as enchanting as the jungle itself. It is about pride, and power, and treasure... and about fangs, and claws, and talons... but mostly, it is about love. My new command was at the edge of the world, surrounded by a million miles of jungle. With me was my daughter Katherine, whom everyone called Kitty. Leading us was an Indian guide, whose son was called Mowgli. From the moment they were born Mowgli and Kitty had a common bond; for both of their mothers had left this world while bringing them into it. Also with us was my good friend Doctor Julien Plumford, who was to be our surgeon.

[last lines]
Colonel Brydon: [narrating] So, that is how it came to pass that Mowgli, keeper of the jungle law, protector of creatures great and small, became lord of the jungle. So listen well, and hear the call. And long life to those that keep the jungle law.

Colonel Brydon: [a gunshot is heard. Buldeo comes running out of the jungle] Buldeo! What on Eath's going on?
Buldeo: Shere Khan! He's returning!
Colonel Brydon: Shere? A tiger?
Buldeo: Shere Khan! King of tigers!
Nathoo: He's angry because these men with their guns have gone into his jungle and killed more than they can eat.
Buldeo: What does a tiger care? A few animals here or there.
Nathoo: Would you allow someone to break into your house and steal your food?
Buldeo: Ahh!
Nathoo: These three broke the jungle law. Shere Khan knows it. We'd best beware.

Colonel Brydon: [as the elephant he is riding reacts to Shere Khan's roar] Damned elephant, pull yourself together!