Captain William Boone
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Captain William Boone (Character)
from The Jungle Book (1994)

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The Jungle Book (1994)
Captain William Boone: You can die too you know.
Katherine 'Kitty' Brydon: He won't let me die.

Captain William Boone: [about to fight Mowgli] So, you've returned to see your fate, have you?

Captain William Boone: He's vicious and uncivilized.
Katherine 'Kitty' Brydon: Then we'll make him civilized.

Captain William Boone: I hunt animals, you know.
Mowgli: Maybe someday, you hunt me.

Captain William Boone: [holding up a weapon] This is a personal favorite of mine. You thrust it into your opponent's belly like that, see? And then you twist it a little and rip out his stomach.
Mowgli: And then do you eat him?
Captain William Boone: No, of course not.
Mowgli: Does he want to eat you?
Captain William Boone: Why, no.
Mowgli: Then why kill him?
Captain William Boone: Because he's your enemy.
Mowgli: What is enemy?
Captain William Boone: Someone you hate.
Mowgli: What is hate?

Mowgli: Kitty, come! We must go quickly!
[He begins to drag her out of the treasure room]
Katherine 'Kitty' Brydon: Mowgli, we have to take some of it with us!
Mowgli: This treasure only brings death!
Katherine 'Kitty' Brydon: Just one thing. Just one thing!
Mowgli: Please!
Captain William Boone: [William picks up an enormous bag of treasure and throws it over his shoulder] Katherine! Look what we can have together!
[She pauses for a moment, contemplating and then goes out the door and is followed by Mowgli]
Captain William Boone: Katherine? Come back! Alright go then! GO!
[William doesn't notice Kaa slithering around but the monkeys and King Louis do]
Captain William Boone: Go with your jungle boy! I got what I came for! I don't need you!
[the monkeys all go quiet. William looks around at them, nervously. They stare back waiting for what's coming. Suddenly Kaa pops up behind William. William turns and terrified backs towards the pool and falls in. The weight of his treasure bag drags him down to the bottom. He gets free but then begins looking around him. Everywhere there are skeletons of men who tried to take the treasure before him. He screams under the water as Kaa attacks]