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Rinaldo (Character)
from Happy Feet (2006)

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Happy Feet (2006)
Mumble: [to the leopard seal] See you fatty!
[the Amigos suddenly stop walking and slowly turn towards Mumble]
Ramón: That's cool! "See you fatty!"
[Amigos laugh]
Ramón: Did it take you a while to come up with that one? Alright, way to go tall guy.
Rinaldo: [reaching up to high-five Mumble] Gimme fin! Gimme fin!

Mumble: [about Lovelace] I'll just appeal to his better nature.
Néstor: How you gonna do that?
Raul: Cruel and unusual punishment?
Rinaldo: Unimaginable torture?
Ramón: Imaginable torture?
Rinaldo: Your singing?
Ramón, Néstor, Raul, Lombardo: No!

[Killer whales are menacing the adelies and Mumble perched on a buoy]
Rinaldo: They're making us appeteasers!
Ramón: They're appe-teasing us! Ha, ha, ha!
Ramón: We're gonna die.

Mumble: There are things out there; things we don't understand.
Raul: Mysteries!
Lombardo: Mind-boggling mysteries!
Rinaldo: Mystic beings!

Néstor: Amigo, that is a good thing you do.
Ramón: She is going to be so much better off without you. She is going to find a good steady guy to comfort her...
[Raul attempts to slap Ramón, but misses]
Ramón: And love her up real good and raise a big family...
Rinaldo: Ramón. Ramón! He's hurting. He's hurting bad.

Ramón: Big guy. Let me tell something to you. Come close. Don't be afraid. You want answers?
Mumble: Yeah.
Ramón: Thats all you need?
Mumble: Yeah.
Ramón: Nothing else?
Mumble: No.
Ramón: Then this is very easy. You go see Lovelace.
Raul, Lombardo, Néstor, Rinaldo: Yaaaah. Lovelace
Raul: Genius Ramon.
Ramón: Thank you
Raul: You are the man.
Ramón: I right now take a moment for myself. Bow down, bow down.
[All Amigos bow to him]
Raul: You the man, you the man.
Ramón: Thats enough. I feel your love.

Mumble: [singing] Find me, find me
Raul: What's he doing?
Mumble: [singing] Somebody.
Lombardo: I think he's singing.
Rinaldo: I know singing. That's not singing.