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Libby (Character)
from Double Jeopardy (1999)

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Double Jeopardy (1999)
[Libby asks her attorney and friend, if he thinks she murdered her husband]
Libby Parsons: Do you think I killed him?
Bobby: That's the first rule of being a lawyer. What we think doesn't matter.
Libby Parsons: It matters to me.
Bobby: [Cutter lights his cigarette and pauses] No. Of course. I don't think you killed him.

[Libby sees Travis kick one of the other girls out of the house]
Travis Lehman: [Travis looks to Libby] You think I'm a mean son of a bitch?
Libby Parsons: I think you could have given her a second chance.
Travis Lehman: There are no second chances in this house, baby. This is the last chance house! You try to understand that.

[Nick threatens Libby as Libby threatens him with the law of double jeopardy]
Nick Parsons: They're tough in Louisiana, Libby. You shoot me, they'll give you the gas chamber.
Libby Parsons: No they won't. It's called double jeopardy. I learned a few things in prison, Nick. I could shoot you in the middle of Mardi Gras and they can't touch me.
Travis Lehman: As an ex-law professor, I can assure you she is right.

[Libby nervously talks to Travis outside of Matty's school]
Libby Parsons: I don't know if I've ever been so scared in my whole life. I think a big part of me never thought I'd really find him. What if he doesn't recognize me? I mean, maybe after all this time...
Travis Lehman: Dammit, woman! Because of you, I have lost a perfectly good used car, and a not-so-good job. If you don't go to this kid right now, I'm gonna have you arrested for stupidity. Go on.
Libby Parsons: [Libby smiles] Thanks, Lehman. You saved my life.
Travis Lehman: You saved mine, too.

[Libby shoots the painting behind Nick's head]
Libby Parsons: [Libby smiles] I haven't felt that good in six years. I don't want to kill you, Nick. I just want you to suffer like I suffered.
Travis Lehman: What she means, Nick, is, you're going to prison - For murder.
Nick Parsons: Who did I supposedly murder?
Libby Parsons: Me.
Nick Parsons: All you've got is an old fax photo.
Libby Parsons: Which supplies the motive. Your wife, whom you had framed, tracks you down, and to keep her from exposing you, you kill her.

[Libby talks to the boutique saleswoman under a false hotel name]
Boutique Saleswoman: I'm sorry. Are you... lost?
Libby Parsons: No. Actually, I'm found. I just had an hour with Jerome.
Boutique Saleswoman: Oh. Jerome. I've heard that he is marvelous.
Libby Parsons: He's fabulous. I haven't felt this good since the day my husband died.

[Libby talks to Travis outside of the ambulance]
Libby Parsons: I guess I'm gonna take off now.
Travis Lehman: No. No, you're not. You're a parole violator. You're in my c-custody. You're going with me to Seattle, where I will demand a full pardon and a parade... and a little pink poodle... on a keychain.
[the two laugh and smile]

[Libby takes advice from Margaret and Evelyn on what to tell the parole board]
Libby Parsons: I feel like I've grown these past six years.
Margaret Skolowski: 'Grown'? Honey, they don't want to hear that you've turned into some kind of tree, okay? So you just repeat after me, 'If I could trade places with my husband, I would.'
Libby Parsons: [Libby rolls her eyes] Ugh. 'If I could trade places with my husband, I would.'
Evelyn Lake: That's good. Now, throw in a lot of that born-again-Jesus stuff. They like that.

[the handsome internet expert tries to ask Libby out for a drink]
Handsome Internet Expert: Now, maybe when this thing has finished its searching, we could go to this, uh, this neat little bar I know and, uh, have a little drink. What do you say?
Libby Parsons: [Libby smiles and agrees] Yeah. I just have to check in with my parole officer first.
Handsome Internet Expert: You've been to jail?
Libby Parsons: Actually, prison. Jail is a different thing.
Handsome Internet Expert: [the kid nervously laughs] So, what did you do, not pay your parking tickets?
Libby Parsons: Oh, no. I was convicted of murdering my husband.
Handsome Internet Expert: You're kidding, right?
Libby Parsons: No, I'm not. Um, 'Sliced and Diced,' the paper called it. Can you believe that?

[Libby meets the female inmates Margaret and Evelyn]
Margaret Skolowski: Who's this?
Evelyn Lake: Rich-bitch from Whidbey island. She ain't gonna make it.
Margaret Skolowski: What do you think, a year?
Evelyn Lake: Five cartons says she offs herself inside of six months.
Margaret Skolowski: Deal.
Libby Parsons: Get away from me.
Evelyn Lake: Hey, take it easy. We're your new best friends.
Margaret Skolowski: Heard you did your husband. He probably deserved it.
Evelyn Lake: Mine did.
[Margaret and Evelyn walk off smiling]

[Libby goes next door to the neighbor's house of Angela Green's former residence]
Libby Parsons: Excuse me?
Neighbor in Garden: Dear, whatever you're selling, I've already got two of them.

[Libby and Travis talk on the drive to the boat after Libby's parole violation]
Libby Parsons: Okay. I killed my husband. I chopped him up into little bits, and I dumped him piece by piece into the Pacific. Are you satisfied?
Travis Lehman: No. No. You were a hell of a lot closer to your kid three days ago than you are today. All you had to do was wait three years. That's all. You fucking idiot!
Libby Parsons: You cannot know what it is like to sit in prison for six years and think of nothing else in the world but your son. Did I make the right choice? You asked the wrong question, Lehman, I didn't have a choice. Fuck your curfew!
Libby Parsons: [Libby sees a picture of a girl on Lehman's sun visor] Who's that? Your daughter?
Libby Parsons: [Travis closes the visor without responding] Is that a problem for you, Lehman?

[first lines]
Libby Parsons: [Libby fishs with her son Matty] I'm pretty hungry. Hope we catch some fish soon.
Matty - Age 4: Me, too.
Libby Parsons: [Libby winds the fishing line back in] Okay, help me wind.
Matty - Age 4: Wind back?
Libby Parsons: Can we turn this one? Slowly. Slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly.
Matty - Age 4: I am doing it slowly.
Libby Parsons: [Libby smiles] Okay, you got it.

[Libby talks to Matty about wanting to teach him to sail]
Libby Parsons: Oh, Matty, look! You see that? See that big boat out there?
Matty - Age 4: Mm-hmm.
Libby Parsons: She is the prettiest boat on Whidbey Island. That's the Morning Star. Someday when you're big enough I'm gonna teach you how to sail. It's the best thing there is, sailing.
Matty - Age 4: Better than fishing?
Libby Parsons: Yup. But you know what, kiddo? I don't think I want you to grow up.
Matty - Age 4: Why?
Libby Parsons: What if you grow up and marry some beautiful girl? Who's gonna go sailing with me then?
Matty - Age 4: Dad.
Libby Parsons: Not a chance.

[Libby joins Nick out on the patio]
Libby Parsons: What are you thinking about?
Nick Parsons: Was I always as rude as I am now?
Libby Parsons: [Libby chuckles] Absolutely.
[as the two kiss each other]

[Angela and Nick surprise Libby with a rental boat for the weekend]
Angie: Now, Libby, what is your favorite thing?
Nick Parsons: Me?
Libby Parsons: Not even close.
Nick Parsons: [Nick makes a frown] All right, open.
Nick Parsons: [Libby opens her eyes to see a sail boat on the water] I heard Sean Gittman was thinking of selling. So I made him an offer, and he agreed to let us take her out for the weekend. And if you like it, it's yours.
Libby Parsons: If I like it?
[Libby chuckles]

[Libby sails the boat as Nick joins her on the deck, noticing that they're in the middle of the ocean]
Nick Parsons: Wait. I don't see land. So where is it?
Libby Parsons: [Libby points with her hand] Alaska's over that way, Japan is straight ahead, and Australia's somewhere to the left. Where would you like to go?
Nick Parsons: Bed.
Libby Parsons: That can be arranged.

[the prosecutor in Libby's court case tries to come up with an explanation for Nick's murder]
Prosecutor: Mrs. Parsons, you've heard the testimony be presented to this court, and your explanation is that somebody must have come aboard the Morning Star.
Libby Parsons: That's right.
Prosecutor: Well, let's consider all the possibilities. Maybe a band of pirates. Or aliens! Did aliens murder your husband? No. Aliens weren't beneficiaries in your husband's life insurance.

[Libby sits on the stand and pleads to the court]
Libby Parsons: [Libby with tears in her eyes] I didn't kill my husband! I loved my husband.
Libby Parsons: [Libby hysterically sobs] Bobby, I did not kill my husband! You have to believe me!

[Libby says goodbye to Matty before going to prison]
Libby Parsons: [Libby holds Matty in her lap] Hey, kiddo. Come see me. You're gonna go stay with Angie for a while. Okay, kiddo?
Matty - Age 4: Okay.
Libby Parsons: You're gonna have lots of fun, and I know you're gonna be a good boy, right?
Matty - Age 4: Yes, Mommy.
Libby Parsons: And as soon as this is all over, we'll be together again. That's a promise, kiddo. Okay? I love you.
Matty - Age 4: [Libby holds Matty to her chest kissing his forehead repeatedly] I love you, too.

[Evelyn and Margaret give Libby some encouragement to find her son]
Evelyn Lake: Heard you're tryin' to reach your friend, the one with your boy.
Libby Parsons: Yeah, I can't find 'em. They disappeared.
Margaret Skolowski: Oh, hon - If you could disappear that easy, believe you me, I wouldn't be here right now.
Evelyn Lake: [Evelyn chuckles] Me, either.
Margaret Skolowski: Think. Use your head. There's gotta be a way to track him down.

[Libby stirs a giant pot in the kitchen prison]
Margaret Skolowski: Put some elbow grease behind that stirring. Nobody wants to eat any burnt tapioca.
Libby Parsons: Does it smell like it's burning?
Margaret Skolowski: Oh, I swear you got shit for brains, girl.

[Evelyn and the other inmates bring Libby a birthday cake for her son Matty's birthday, as Libby makes a wish and blows out the candles]
Libby Parsons: You know, Evelyn, I read that even if a child is separated from its mother the day it's born, it never forgets her voice. Think that's true?
Evelyn Lake: [Evelyn smiles] 'Course I do.

[Libby meets Travis with her box of personal belongings]
Travis Lehman: [Travis holds up a photo of Libby's son, Matty] Is this a problem for you?
Libby Parsons: No.
Travis Lehman: Yes, it is. Do you want to tell me about him?
Libby Parsons: [scoffs] No.
Travis Lehman: [Travis drops the photo back into her box] I'm gonna have trouble with you, Parsons.
Libby Parsons: No, sir. No, you're not. I learned my lesson. I just want to...
Travis Lehman: I'm not interested in your goddamn contrition. I'm interested in your behavior. Get out of here and behave yourself. You're in room eight on the second floor.

[the handsome internet expert helps Libby look for her friend Angela]
Handsome Internet Expert: Now, uh, what are you looking for?
Libby Parsons: A friend I haven't seen for a couple years. People said I should try the internet.
Handsome Internet Expert: This a boy... friend?
Libby Parsons: Girl.
Handsome Internet Expert: [the kid smiles] Okay. Well, in that case, I'll help you.

[Suzanne Monroe introduces herself to Libby at the Hotel auction]
Suzanne Monroe: I don't believe we've met. I'm Suzanne Monroe.
Libby Parsons: I'm Libby. I'm his wife.
Suzanne Monroe: Well, Jonathan! A minute ago a bachelor, and now you're married. You don't waste any time. You been in New Orleans long?
Nick Parsons: She's, uh...
Libby Parsons: I'm just passing through town to pick up my child. I'll be leaving very soon.
Suzanne Monroe: How nice.
Libby Parsons: We're finally putting the past behind us and moving on with our lives, aren't we, Jonathan?
Nick Parsons: Sure.
Libby Parsons: I do have one question, though. How long were you and Angie fucking before you decided to get rid of me?
[the conversation goes silent as Suzanne Monroe clears her throat]

[the New Orleans bartender talks to Libby about the Wanted posters]
New Orleans Bartender: [the bartender hands Libby a Wanted poster of herself] Cops have been passing these out.
New Orleans Bartender: [the bartender then tears it up] No reward. Screw 'em.
New Orleans Bartender: You're gonna be posted at every hotel in town.
Libby Parsons: So much for a good night's sleep.
New Orleans Bartender: [the bartender hands Libby an umbrella] Take this. Get out of here.

[last lines]
Libby Parsons: [Libby finds Matty at his school as he plays Soccer in the field, Libby calls out to him at the end of the half] Matty.
Libby Parsons: [Matty hears her voice] Matty.
Libby Parsons: [Matty walks up to her] Hi. Do you know who I am?
Matty - Age 11: [Matty nods up and down] They told me you were dead.
Libby Parsons: [Libby smiles] No, sweetheart.
[Libby combs her hand to Matty's face and hugs him]