Jack Goodman
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Biography for
Jack Goodman (Character)
from An American Werewolf in London (1981)

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Jack Goodman was a college, and perhaps boyhood friend of David Kessler the ill fated victim of this tale. While travelling in London, the two came upon a small pub on the moor. The locals there told them not to venture out into the woods at night when they left. Believing this to be nothing but supersition, they did not heed the warning and were soon attacked. David alone survived and was taken to a local hospital to recuperate. Strangely enough, despite being killed and buried in New York, Jack returned to his old friend as a ghost. Still showing the signs of the ghastly attack, Jack warned David that his death came at the hands of a Lycanthrope (a werewolf.) His end deemed unnatural, Goodman could only rest in peace until the werewolf's bloodline was severed. Meaning David, being the one who was bitten, would have to die. David ignores Jack's appearance and warning. Going so far as to jokingly call him a "walking meat loaf" in Jack's second appearance. A joke he would not find so funny as the full moon rose the next night. David did indeed change into a werewolf and kill innocent victims. Jack returned, this time with the ghosts of Kessler's victims, who like him are trapped in limbo until the curse is ended. Goodman, looking more deteriorated than the previous visit., again pleads with his friend to end his life and the curse with it. David would again not listen but would be unable to escape the full moon. This time, the werewolf is chased through a subway station by David's girlfriend and police. Although killing dozens of people, the werewolf is eventually cornered in a dark alley and shot. The beast reverts to David and dies. Jack is never seen again and is assumed to have found peace along with David's other vicitims.

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