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Billy the Kid (Character)
from "Tales of Wells Fargo" (1957)

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Young Guns II (1990)
William H. Bonney: You remember the stories John use to tell us about the the three chinamen playing Fantan? This guy runs up to them and says, "Hey, the world's coming to an end!" and the first one says, "Well, I best go to the mission and pray," and the second one says, "Well, hell, I'm gonna go and buy me a case of Mezcal and six whores," and the third one says "Well, I'm gonna finish the game." I shall finish the game, Doc.

Charles Phalen: William H. Bonney, heh? Billy the Kid was shot and killed by Pat Garrett. Everybody knows that, it's common knowledge.
William H. Bonney (the Old): There are other lawyers around, you piece of chicken shit. Get back in the vehicle and drive before I make it 22 just for the goddamn hell of it.

William H. Bonney: Yoohoo. I'll make you famous!

Judge Bristol: ...and there be hanged by the neck till he be dead, dead, dead. Now, do you have anything to say, young man?
William H. Bonney: Yes I do, your Honor. You can go to hell, hell, hell.

William H. Bonney: "Buckshot George", that's your name. You wanted a name, that's it. "Buckshot George". It's a good name.
Hendry French: My name is Hendry William French.
William H. Bonney: That's a good name too.

Tom O'Folliard: What's scum?
William H. Bonney: Well Tom, that's bad types. Politicians, bankers, cattle-kings... Scum...

Josiah Gordon "Doc" Scurlock: You son of a bitch! You're starting to believe what they're writing about you, aren't you? Let me tell you what you really are! You rode a 15 year old boy straight to his grave, and the rest of us straight to hell... straight to hell! William H. Bonney! You are *not* a god!
[cocks his gun and points it at Billy]
William H. Bonney: Why don't you pull the trigger and find out?

[last lines]
William H. Bonney (the Old): I never stole a horse from someone I didn't like. Did I like him? Hell no; I loved the son of a bitch. You asked me if I have scars? Yessir, I have my scars.

William H. Bonney: Dave, it's your gang.
Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh: What?
William H. Bonney: It's your gang. You lead us out.
Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh: No, it's your gang, it's always been your gang.
William H. Bonney: Don't cross me, Dave...
Josiah Gordon "Doc" Scurlock: [interrupting them] Billy! Let's finish the game.

William H. Bonney: You killed the boys, Patsie!
Pat Garrett: No, Kid. You did. If I was with you I'd be one of 'em.

William H. Bonney: You wanna ride with Billy the Kid? Is that what you want?
[Showing Tom his wound]
William H. Bonney: Get buckshot in your leg like this, huh? How 'bout in your skull? Hanging out in the damn brush like some kinda lizard. Everybody in the territory takin' a shot at ya, BOOM BOOM BOOM! Is that what you want, Mr. Pennsylvania huh? HUH? Is that what you want?
Tom O'Folliard: Yes.

Josiah Gordon "Doc" Scurlock: Here.
[Tosses Billy a pocket watch]
Josiah Gordon "Doc" Scurlock: It's from New York. It's for the horse.
William H. Bonney: Why that horse ain't for sale Doc, but how about my boots? They're nice and broke in and...
[Doc kicks him]
Josiah Gordon "Doc" Scurlock: You son of a bitch!

William H. Bonney: Hey Tommy! Last one up the hill is a three legged dog!

William H. Bonney: Hello Bob!
[Shoots Deputy Sheriff Bob Ollinger with a rifle that has eighteen dimes instead of bullets]
William H. Bonney: "Goodbye Bob! Best dollar eighty I ever spent.

Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh: I don't take tender-foots in my gang, and I definitely don't take no Mexicans.
William H. Bonney: It ain't your gang, Dave.
Jose Chavez Y Chavez: Mexican-Indian you son-of-a-bitch.
Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh: Oh! I'm sorry! Tell me something Chavez... was it a Mexican whore puttin' it to the savages, or an Indian whore who put it to the whole God damned Mexican army!

William H. Bonney: Just remember Pat. You'll never be me. You'll always be the man who *shot* Billy the Kid!

William H. Bonney: [is admitting the truth] You know what the Mexican Blackbird is?
Hendry French: It's a broken trail that leads to Old Mexico.
William H. Bonney: [shakes head] It's a half black, half Mexican whore...
Josiah Gordon "Doc" Scurlock: [nervous] So... you named the trail after her, right?
William H. Bonney: [remains silent, looking away from everyone]
Josiah Gordon "Doc" Scurlock: [realization and anger appear on his face] There is no broken trail to Old Mexico is there?

William H. Bonney: Just remember this Dave: these are the Regulators!
Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh: Yeah, they *was*.
Josiah Gordon "Doc" Scurlock: [sighs] *Were*.

Deputy Carlyle: Which of you is the leader of your gang?
William H. Bonney: That'd be me.
Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh: [Interrupting] Arkansas Dave.
William H. Bonney: You are not, Dave!
Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh: I am so!
William H. Bonney: [Incredulously] You are *not*!
Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh: I am *so*!
William H. Bonney: Are not!
Deputy Carlyle: [Coughing nervously] Gentlemen!

John Simpson Chisum: Bonney you are a fool! You call yourself the scourge of New Mexico but by God, I *am* New Mexico, and you are *dead*.
William H. Bonney: Chuckles... let me tell you something Mr. New Mexico. I wouldn't give a bucket of piss for your future !

William H. Bonney: Celsa Baca! You got to bear grease the damn walls to get that pig in here!

Young Guns (1988)
William H. Bonney: Reap the whirlwind, Brady. Reap it.

William H. Bonney: If we're caught, we're gonna hang... But there's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.

William H. Bonney: You know, Sir, I do admire you, and I sure would like to touch the gun that's gonna kill Billy the Kid.

William H. Bonney: "Dear Governor Axtell. I've heard that you will give 200 dollars for my head. Perhaps we should meet and talk. I am at the Juarez village at the border. Send 3 men, and instruct them not to shoot, as I am unarmed. In short, Sir; I surrender. Your obedient servant William H. Bonney. PS: I changed my mind. Kiss my ass."

Alex McSween: I'm not leaving my house.
William H. Bonney: Alex, if you stay they're gonna kill you. And then I'm gonna have to to go around and kill all the guys who killed you. That's a lot of killing.

[the "Regulators" are surrounded by 20-30 men in Alex McSween's house]
Doc: Billy, what are we gonna do now?
William H. Bonney: We're gonna show these guys they've finally met their match.

[When the cavalry arrives]
Doc: Billy, we're good, but this is getting ridiculous.
William H. Bonney: I like these odds...

[Steve is laughing at Bonney at the dinner table]
John Tunstall: What do you find funny, Steven? That's no proper table manners.
Charley Bowdre: He's got a way with hogs.
John Tunstall: Congratulations, Charles. You and Steven will be doing the dirty crockery alone this evening.
Charley Bowdre: Sorry, John. It just struck me funny.
John Tunstall: And to William, both of you.
Charley Bowdre: Apologies, Billy. We was just hacking on you.
"Dirty Steve" Stephens: Yeah, we was just hacking on you.
Richard Brewer: Rumor has it you killed a man, Billy. You don't seem like the killing sort.
"Dirty Steve" Stephens: Yeah, Billy. What'd you kill him for?
William H. Bonney: He was hacking on me.

William H. Bonney: Hey, Peppin. I see you got Charley Crawford down there with you.
Peppin: Yeah, that's right, Bonney. We got a whole...
[Bonney goes to the window and shoots Charley Crawford]
William H. Bonney: Hey, Peppin. Charley Crawford's not with you anymore.

Charley Bowdre: Hey, Billy. I've got to get out of here. I've got a wife. She's this little Mexican gal. Please, Billy.
William H. Bonney: Charley, if you don't stand up and start whooping some ass, you ain't ever gonna see her again.

Richard Brewer: Lord, forgive us for our wrongdoings, for our misguidance by heathen religions. Thank you for keeping us alive. Lord, be with us in doing the right thing. Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallow be thy name.
William H. Bonney: Please, Dick. It's getting cold. (he and Dick both pull guns on each other) I could've killed you, Dick. I could've killed you, but I don't want to kill you. I want to eat.

William H. Bonney: Reap it, Murphy, you son of a bitch.

William H. Bonney: Murphy's taking inventory in Tunstall's store right now and you're saying that means nothing to you?
Chavez: It means nothing to me? Murphy and his politicians have taken more blood from me than they ever will from you.
William H. Bonney: How do you figure?
Chavez: The Red Sands Creek Reservation. 200 people butchered in the snow with their stomachs empty. My mother's people. You see, Murphy was under government contract to supply us with beef, but two winters ago, he sent only rotten meat. No corn, no flour, just rancid beef crawling with worms. A few of my men and I set out to a camp in the middle of the night to try and get food. Oh yeah, they welcomed us in, and then they fired at us. I got away, only me. But when I got back to the Red Sands, I found out that the army had already heard about our big indian uprising and they paid us back. My mother was cut by a saber from her privates to her neck. My sisters were just babies, and they had their heads bashed in with boot heels so the army could save bullets. Everyone at the reservation was butchered AND IT MEANS NOTHING TO ME? Oh yeah, I went into Lincoln to take Murphy's head. And that's when John Tunstall found me, and he took me in, and he taught me a better way to bury Murphy.

Colonel Nathan Dudley: Mr. Bonney. Mr. McSween. This is Colonel Nathan Dudley out of Fort Scranton. Come on out, with your hands high.
William H. Bonney: Hahahahaha. With your hands high? I better reason with him. Hey, Colonel Shithead. You can kiss my ass. Get President Hayes down here, then we'll come out. We'll see how they like that one.

Chavez: I told you I would find the way, and the way is west.
William H. Bonney: West, huh? Well west is that way...
[points gun in one direction]
William H. Bonney: ...and the bastards we gotta kill are that way.
[points gun in opposite direction]

William H. Bonney: I ain't left-handed.

William H. Bonney: I could've killed ya Dick. I could've killed ya. But I don't wanna kill ya I wanna eat.
Richard Brewer: When we finish this meal you little rodent, we're gonna go out in the yard and see who has the right to run this group of regulators.
Doc: Richard, would you be so kind as to pass the gravy please?

William H. Bonney: [after shooting the Texan in the bar who was boasting that he would kill Billy the Kid] How many does that make Doc? 25?
Doc: Five.
William H. Bonney: We'll call it ten.

Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973)
Billy: Ol' Pat... Sheriff Pat Garrett. Sold out to the Santa Fe ring. How does it feel?
Garrett: It feels like... times have changed.
Billy: Times, maybe. Not me.

Billy: [Billy aims a shotgun at Ollinger] How's Jesus look to you now, Bob?

Billy: I sure never figured on you taking on the badge.
Alamosa Bill: Didn't figure on it myself. I was just in town being sociable. Rode in from Seven Rivers to watch you hang. Garrett swore me in when you lit out.

Mr. Horrell: Just got through putting up that new cottonwood door. Used the old one for my son John. He got into a shooting with Olin Carroll. He's buried out yonder there.
Billy: I'm sorry to hear that, Mr. Horrell.
Mr. Horrell: John was a good hand. Couldn't shoot, though.

Alamosa Bill: [Billy and Alamosa prepare to shoot it out] I don't suppose there's any other way we could work this out? Nah. Well, let's get to it. Ten steps?
Billy: Suits me. You count 'em.
[long pause]
Billy: You ain't thought of another way, have you?
Alamosa Bill: No, I can't come up with nothing.
Billy: Get to it.

Billy: [to the man whose horse he's stolen after breaking out of jail and killing Deputy Sheriff Bob Ollinger with a shotgun loaded with 16 silver dimes, after the man complains about being reimbursed for the animal] "There's a buck-sixty in old Bob if you can dig it out."

Billy: Whatya takin' me in for?
Garrett: [to Deputy Sheriff J.W. Bell] Which one was that?
Deputy Sheriff J.W. Bell: Buckshot Roberts.
Garrett: For the killing of Buckshot Roberts!
Billy: [to his confederates] Hell, that was a year ago. I shot him straight up.
Billy: [to Pat Garrett] Come on in Pat, I'll warm ya breakfast!
Billy: [Billy's braggadocio is answered by a hail of gunfire] I guess he already had breakfast.

Billy: You're in poor company, Pat.
Garrett: Yeah, but I'm alive.
Billy: So am I...

Billy: [after firing a coachgun loaded with 10 cents coins at Deputy Bob Ollinger] Keep change, Bob!

Ollinger: On your knees.
Billy: Kiss my ass!
[Ollinger knocks Billy off his chair and puts a shotgun to his head]
Ollinger: REPENT, you son of a bitch!
Billy: Sweet Jesus, I repent!

Billy the Kid (1941)
[later Edith Keating to Billy]
Edith: Jim's got roots here.
Billy: I got a horse and the west is wide.

Jim 'Holy' Sherwood: On the level, Billy. You ought to get off the bottle.
Billy: Bottle? I've never been drunk in my life.
Jim 'Holy' Sherwood: I don't mean liquor. I mean another kind of bottle - excitement... phony adventure. It's no good, Billy.

Billy: Yeah, I'll play along, Hickey. You just keep four aces in the deck.

Dan Hickey: Left-handed, eh?
Billy: I'm saving my right to shake hands with friends.

Billy: Don't he get a badge or something?
Eric Keating: Well, he didn't give me a badge for him. But... wait... there's a United States eagle on this dollar. That's all you need!

Jim 'Holy' Sherwood: Don't you get fed up sometimes?
Billy: Fed up with what?
Jim 'Holy' Sherwood: Oh, rollin' around like a tumbleweed, being hunted, and never knowin' who's behind the next rock. I mean...
Billy: I know what you mean. I like it!

Dan Hickey: Nobody quits my outfit and stays healthy!
Billy: Which one of you guys wants to start making me unhealthy?

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)
Bill: Dude, you gotta have a poker face, like me.
[Ted stops grinning at his cards, Bill looks at his own cards]
Bill: Whoa, three aces!
Bearded Cowboy: What the hell's going on here, Billy?
Old West Ugly Dude: Are you a-cheatin' us, Kid?
Billy the Kid: [sweating] Cheating? Me?
[leaps up/flips table over screaming]
Billy the Kid: Aah!

Billy the Kid: Not bad, eh, Socrates? Where are we, dude?
Bill: England, 15th century.
Ted: We are in most excellent shape for our report.
Bill: Yeah, all we need is one more speaker from medieval.
Billy the Kid: Excellent.
Bill: Billy, you are dealing with the oddity of time travel with the greatest of ease.

Billy the Kid: Here's the deal. What I win, I keep. What you win, I keep.
Bill, Ted: Sounds good, Mr. The Kid!

Girl at Mall: Oh, my God!
[laughs with her friend at Freud's introduction]
Sigmund Freud: You both seem to be suffering from a mild form of hysteria.
Girl at Mall: You are such a geek!
[walks off with her friend]
Billy the Kid: Way to go, egghead!
Socrates: GEEK!
Sigmund Freud: What is a geek?

[arriving at the White House in 1863]
Billy the Kid: Candygram!
Abraham Lincoln: Yes, what can I...
[Genghis Kahn grabs and pulls him into the phone booth]

[seeing Missy as they arrive back in Bill's yard]
Billy the Kid: Whoa, who's the senorita? She's cute.
Ted: It's his mom, dude.

Genghis Khan, Billy the Kid: Bogus!

The Outlaw (1943)
Billy the Kid: That was pretty smart putting sand in those canteens.
Rio: I had to give you something for your money, didn't I?
Billy the Kid: Oh, I see. So you sent the Sheriff after us for good measure. No wonder he came alone... all he had to do was take his time and wait for the sun to finish us off.
Rio: Then how did you get back?
Billy the Kid: It was pretty tough, but the more I thought about seeing you, *darling*, the easier it got.

Billy the Kid: Well, go ahead.
Pat Garrett: Go ahead what?
Billy the Kid: Aren't you going to say something over Doc?
Pat Garrett: I don't know what to say. I've never said anything over anybody I've killed before.
Billy the Kid: I think we ought to say something over Doc.
Pat Garrett: You better do it.
Billy the Kid: So long, Doc.

Pat Garrett: I thought you might want to keep Doc's guns as a keepsake.
Billy the Kid: Say, I sure would. Thanks, Pat, thanks a lot. I've never had an extra pair. And black holsters, too! They'd go nice with Sunday clothes if I ever get any.

Billy the Kid: Pat, I want you to know I'm sorry. I honestly am. Last night, I was ready to kill you. But in the daylight, I can see things much better.

Doc Holliday: Sonny, that head of yours is sure screwed on tight.
Billy the Kid: If it wasn't, somebody would have knocked it off long ago.

Billy the Kid: I think I'll have another drink of water.
Doc Holliday: What are you talking about? You didn't have one in the first place.
Billy the Kid: I know, but I had the same idea about an hour ago.
Doc Holliday: It wouldn't do any good. Take my advice.
Billy the Kid: What?
Doc Holliday: Killing a woman.
Billy the Kid: Why not?
Doc Holliday: Because they're all alike. There isn't anything they wouldn't do for you... or to you.

"The Tall Man: The Legend of Billy (#2.14)" (1961)
[first lines]
Dean Almond: Hot!
Billy the Kid: It gets hotter.

Dean Almond: I'm a journalist - feature correspondent for the New York Weekly. I'm making a special trip up this way from El Paso.
Billy the Kid: Well, there ain't nothin' that happens in Lincoln worth writin' about.
Dean Almond: I'm doing a series - 'Great Bad Men of the West'. Grand opportunity to make a name for myself... good as Ned Buntline, Mark Twain or any of that lot.
Billy the Kid: Well, there ain't no great bad men in these parts, Mister.
Dean Almond: Did you ever hear of a young hothead calls himself, "Billy the Kid"?
Billy the Kid: Yeah, yeah. I almost forgot about him.
Dean Almond: They say he was jailed for the first time at the tender age of fourteen - imagine that - for killing a mining engineer named Frank Douglas... but he got out of that by pretending to the jailer's daughter that he was in love with her. Imagine a fourteen year old boy!
Billy the Kid: Don't you believe it.
Dean Almond: What?
Billy the Kid: No, that wasn't his first killing.
Dean Almond: Really?
Billy the Kid: No, no, not by a long shot - not unless you don't count the Mexicans and Indians.

[Emerson is inquiring about the murderous exploits of Billy the Kid]
Dean Almond: Maybe you could fill me in on the details. Do you know him well?
Billy the Kid: Me?
Dean Almond: Yes, I mean...
Billy the Kid: Well you might say I know him about as well as any.

[last lines]
Billy the Kid: It still seems kinda sad to see all that pretty writin' go up in smoke.
Deputy Sheriff Pat Garrett: There'll be more of it, heaven help us. Don't start believing any of it or live up to it.
Billy the Kid: Guess if you're readin' that kind of stuff, seems kinda excitin'.

Billy the Kid Versus Dracula (1966)
William 'Billy the Kid' Bonney: What's wrong with her, Doc? What are those marks on her neck?
Dr. Henrietta Hull: Well, if I didn't know better, I'd say it was the work of a vampire.
William 'Billy the Kid' Bonney: Vampire?

William 'Billy the Kid' Bonney: I'm awful sorry to hear about your daughter. How did it happen?
Eva Oster: My Lisa is dead. The marks of a vampire are on her throat.
William 'Billy the Kid' Bonney: Vampire?

William 'Billy the Kid' Bonney: I haven't met a man yet that a bullet couldn't stop.
Dr. Henrietta Hull: But he isn't a man!

The Left Handed Gun (1958)
Billy The Kid: Does that notch...? Does that stand for a man?
Joe Grant: That's what it stands for.
Billy The Kid: You had to put that there so you'd remember?
Joe Grant: That's right.
Billy The Kid: Was he asleep when you shot him?

Billy The Kid: They had me dead! That amnesty - that's for THEM! For Moon and hill and Grant! They walk around! I'm buried! They put dimes on my eyes!

Celsa: Stay here. They'll kill you!
Billy The Kid: They've been killin' me. Now I don't wait. I go first!
Celsa: What are you going to do?
Billy The Kid: I don't run. I don't hide. I go where I want. I DO what I want!
[He puts scarf around her neck and pulls her toward him in a provocative way]

"The Tall Man: A Gun Is for Killing (#1.18)" (1961)
Billy the Kid: You see, Patrick, them fellows rile me and I ain't even sure they're from Texas and if they ain't, they're gonna run.
Pat Garrett: And if they are, they'll fight.

[last lines]
[Garrett and the newly deputized Billy Bonney have managed to arrest or kill Blanchard's rioting trailhands]
Pat Garrett: That deputy's badge looks good on you, Billy. Why not keep it?
Billy the Kid: Oh, better not. Some friends of mine might not understand.
Pat Garrett: I'm serious, Billy.
Billy the Kid: So am I, Patrick. See, the law just doesn't mean the same thing to me as it does to Johnny Swift or you and I got a habit of tarnishin' shiny new things, I guess. Now you wouldn't want that to happen to this, would you?
[Billy returns his Deputy Sheriff badge to Pat]
Pat Garrett: Billy, give it some thought.
Billy the Kid: See you around, Patrick.

Billy the Kid: And I'll tell you somethin'. You killed Pat Garrett tonight just as surely as he killed your husband Johnny. Only it wasn't by accident.
Marian Swift: What are you saying?
Billy the Kid: I'm just saying the law meant something to Johnny. Same thing it means to Pat Garrett. Exactly! Give decent people a chance to live decent lives here in Lincoln, protecting them from the hoodlums like those trail herders out there. And men like me.

Chisum (1970)
Billy the Kid: It's nice to have you with us Big Casino!
Pat Garrett: Thanks, Little Casino.

Pat Garrett: Well, I'm upwind and I smell it on you.
Billy the Kid: Buffalo?
Pat Garrett: Death.
Billy the Kid: I see what you mean. Can it ever go away? That smell I mean.
Pat Garrett: Sure it can, with time, good company and patience.

Billy the Kid: I made you a promise, Mr. Tunstall. Now I'm making myself a promise. It says in the Bible, "The candle of the wicked shall be put out."

"The Tall Man: The Female Artillery (#2.4)" (1961)
[first lines]
Pat Garrett: You'll get yourself killed, I'm tellin' you.
William Bonney aka Billy the Kid: Now that's why you ought to come along with me, Patrick. You can take care of me, boy.
Pat Garrett: Billy, that is a full-time job. I've already got one.

[Beth nearly kills Billy with a shotgun blast by accident and causes the babies to cry loudly]
Beth Thomas: They'll calm down in a minute. The shotgun frightened them.
William Bonney aka Billy the Kid: Yeah, well, it sort of riled me too, ma'am.

"The Tall Man: Garrett and the Kid (#1.1)" (1960)
William Bonney aka Billy the Kid: How come a man that don't think no more of a gun than you do can shoot like that?
Deputy Sheriff Pat Garrett: To a man wearing a badge, a gun is just a tool, but he has to know how to use it.
William Bonney aka Billy the Kid: I think it means more than that to me. I don't know why. Maybe, it's because I'm not a big man - a lot of men are bigger and tougher than I am. This gun seems to somehow sort of even up everything.
Deputy Sheriff Pat Garrett: I wish you didn't believe that, Billy.

[last lines]
Deputy Sheriff Pat Garrett: Billy!
William Bonney aka Billy the Kid: You mad, Patrick?
Deputy Sheriff Pat Garrett: No - just worried about you, Billy. Can't you stay out of trouble?
William Bonney aka Billy the Kid: Trouble? Who? Me?
Deputy Sheriff Pat Garrett: If you go too far, I'll have to come after you.
William Bonney aka Billy the Kid: When you do, you better come shootin', Patrick.
Deputy Sheriff Pat Garrett: I don't want it ever to come to that, Billy.
William Bonney aka Billy the Kid: That makes two of us.

"The Ghost Busters: They Went Thataway (#1.9)" (1975)
Billy the Kid: How did you get the soup so hot when there ain't any flame in the fire?
Belle Starr: Oh, that was easy. I left it on an hour longer.

Billy the Kid: [Skeptical of Spencer and Kong, who are disguised as cowpokes hoping to join his gang] But I'm wonderin' whether or not you varmints are real, bona fidey cattle rustlers, now hear?
Jake Kong: What? Two of the very best, partner, two of the very best! Why, more passels of cattle critters has been rustled by us than has been tumbleweeds rustled by a wind whippin' through the draw, whistlin' like a banshee on the prairie listenin' to a coyote a'whoopin' and a'hollerin' and lookin' at a full moon in the sky darker than a mule's mood, while a rattlesnake sashays on by lookin' for a gopher to spit on.
Billy the Kid: Hah! Easy for you to say.
Jake Kong: That's what you think.

Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire (1987)
Billy: When I've finished with the Green Baize Vampire, he's gonna need a blood transfusion, a brain transplant and a set of National Health railings.

[Billy is waiting in his dressing room for the start of his match against Maxwell Randall]
T.O: The word is Maxwell's very confident.
Billy: So was Hitler.

Dirty Little Billy (1972)
Ben Antrim: All right, Billy. All right. You still haven't answered my question. What do you want to do?
Billy Bonney: Nothin'.

Billy Bonney: [Goldie wants Berle to serve a costumer] She don't wanna work, she don't have to work, it ain't right to make her work.
Goldie: Ain't right? Who the hell says it ain't right?
Billy Bonney: It ain't right, it just ain't right.
Goldie: [slaps Billy] Now gimme that gun, Bill! Where do you think this comes from? Do you think this is free? You think we eat and drink around here for free? You ungrateful little bastard!
[starts beating Billy]
Billy Bonney: You can hit me all you want... but it still ain't right.

"The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XIII (#14.1)" (2002)
Billy the Kid: [From The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms] Now let's rob the bank, give the money to the poor, then rob the poor, and shoot the money!

Breakfast of Imbeciles (2005) (V)
Donna Waters: Guess I've gotta get my shit together.
Billy the Kid: Mommy I'm hungry
Donna Waters: I'm just making coffee
Billy the Kid: I don't like coffee
Donna Waters: Well I'm not sure I like you so I am quite sure I don't give a shit.
Billy the Kid: Please Mommy
Donna Waters: Shut up shut up. My life is quite likely about to change for the better and you ain't invited so I guess you're more of hindrance than help. In fact you're more of an obstacle in my life than a helper. In fact you're more of a piece of shit I wish I could flush than a child that I want to love.
Billy the Kid: But Mommy I love you
Donna Waters: Too bad so sad.
Billy the Kid: [through tears] Mommy please gives me something to eat.
Donna Waters: [Screams] How about a knuckle Sandwich.
[She punches her child who falls to the floor whimpering and cowering from her]
Donna Waters: How'd that taste you little tit muncher?
[Donna kicks the cowering child. The child passes out]

"The Time Tunnel: Billy the Kid (#1.22)" (1967)
Billy the Kid (William H. Bonney): Start walking dude. When you think you're close enough to hit anything draw.

"The Tall Man: First Blood (#1.17)" (1961)
Billy the Kid: If I run here, I gotta keep on runnin'. And I can't get away from myself.

Billy the Kid in Texas (1940)
[last lines]
Gil Bonney, aka Gil Cooper: I hate to see you go, Billy.
Mary Barton: Won't you change your mind and stay?
Billy the Kid: No, Fuzzy and I sort of have a hankerin' to travel on.
Mary Barton: You'll let us here from you?
Billy the Kid: Sure! Maybe some day our trails will cross again. Who knows? Goodbye, Mary.
Mary Barton: Goodbye, Billy.

"MacGyver: MacGyver's Women (#6.8)" (1990)
Billy the Kid: [spurned] Wait a minute, I'm Billy the Kid!
Jenny: Then it's time you grew up.

BloodRayne: Deliverance (2007) (V)
Billy the Kid: Tell me Mr.
[reads card]
Billy the Kid: Pyles, is writing stories your reason to live?
Newton Pyles: ...Yes!
Billy the Kid: Then bare witness the greatest story ever foretold!

"The Tall Man: An Item for Auction (#2.6)" (1961)
Billy the Kid: Pat Garrett: "I'll need some shoes" Billy the Kid: "You stopped wearing boots?"

Billy the Kid Trapped (1942)
[reading a wanted poster which accuses Billy, Fuzzy and Jeff of crimes they didn't commit]
Billy 'The Kid' Bonney: They'll be accusing us of starting the Civil War next.

"The Simpsons: The Boy Who Knew Too Much (#5.20)" (1994)
McGarnagle: Now tell them what you saw Billy.
Billy: But I'm so scared McGarnagle.
McGarnagle: You've gotta do this one for me Billy, McGarnagle.
Billy: Okay for you McGarnagle.
Chief: [later] Well McGarnagle, Billy is dead! They slit his throat from ear to ear.
McGarnagle: Hey I'm trying to eat lunch here!

"The Tall Man: The Shawl (#1.4)" (1960)
Billy the Kid: You think a lot of that badge, don't you?
Pat Garrett: Ah, it's not the badge - the laws behind it.
Billy the Kid: Seems to me they pass those laws to make towns for fellas like you.
Pat Garrett: Billy, there's different kinds of men in the world. The strong ones play by the rules. They don't take advantage of the helpless and weak. Laws are the rules passed by the good men to protect the weaker people. Rules don't mean much to some men; they mean a great deal to me. Those killers up ahead. Those laws make me different from them.