Maude Larrabee
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Maude Larrabee (Character)
from Sabrina (1954)

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Sabrina (1995)
Linus Larrabee: David, sit down.
David Larrabee: I can't talk right now, I have to be somewhere.
Linus Larrabee: Just sit down!
David Larrabee: [David sits and there is the sound of glass crunching] Owwwaaahhh!
Maude Larrabee: What?
David Larrabee: I sat on the glasses!
Linus Larrabee: Mother, go get Dr. Callaway. He's at the bar.
Maude Larrabee: Who put glasses on the chair?
David Larrabee: Can we talk about this later? I'm bleeding!
Maude Larrabee: Darling, don't worry, just elevate... something.

Maude Larrabee: I feel terrible.
Linus Larrabee: Take a pill.
Maude Larrabee: Watch it. I'm still your mother.
Linus Larrabee: And you taught me everything I know.
Maude Larrabee: I didn't teach you this.

Mrs. Ingrid Tyson: Fabulous party, Maude! I'm so sorry Elizabeth wasn't able to make it.
Maude Larrabee: So am I.
Maude Larrabee: She gave me a dog.

Maude Larrabee: Did Elizabeth pick out her dress yet?
Mrs. Ingrid Tyson: We're still working on the guest list. Six hundred so far, and that's just on our side!
Patrick Tyson: That's not a wedding, it's a town.
Mrs. Ingrid Tyson: Stop, it's going to be wonderful! Elegant but simple, lavish but tasteful...
Patrick Tyson: Cheap but expensive.

Mrs. Ingrid Tyson: Here are the wedding invitations. We thought we'd use recycled paper.
Maude Larrabee: Why does it always look dirty?

[Sabrina and David are dancing]
Maude Larrabee: They grew up together. She's like a sister to him, Patrick.
Patrick Tyson: I have a sister. That's not how we dance.

Maude Larrabee: David, you're like my own son.
David Larrabee: I am your own son, Mother.
Maude Larrabee: Exactly! Now, I endured twenty-one hours of hard labor to bring you into the world. The doctors begged me to take drugs, but I kept saying I wouldn't do anything to hurt my child. Well, I've changed my mind - you screw up with Elizabeth and I swear I'll kill you.

David Larrabee: Now, Patrick, the debt burden this merger will accumulate will make it necessary to restructure some divisions. I've done a very quick review of last quarter's performance of each division of both companies.
Maude Larrabee: David, when did you ever?
David Larrabee: Mother, you've copied me on the financial standings of this company for 17 years. You just assumed I couldn't read.

Maude Larrabee: [exasperated, to David] Right smack-dab in front of your prominent and paranoid future in-laws you are hustling the chauffeur's daughter!

Linus Larrabee: David, where's Sabrina? You didn't go with her?
David Larrabee: Well obviously not, Linus, I mean, here I am, right? She's probably having her beverage service right about now.
Mrs. Ingrid Tyson: Who's Sabrina?
Patrick Tyson: The chauffeur's daughter!
Linus Larrabee: Don't call her that!
[David looks at him in amusement]
Elizabeth Tyson, MD: She was after David for a while, then apparently she switched to Linus. She seems to have decided that HE was the one with the power.
Linus Larrabee: [outraged, pointing to David] Is THAT what he told you?
Elizabeth Tyson, MD: He told me everything, Linus.
Linus Larrabee: [to David] And you didn't see her before she left? You didn't talk to her?
David Larrabee: Oh, sure, I said goodbye, and I think I wished her luck. Maybe not. I told her I felt kind of funny accepting my brother's hand-me-downs
[Maude covers her mouth to keep from smiling]
David Larrabee: , and I said don't take it personally, and you've always been generous to your women in the past, and I was sure she'd be more than compensated for... whatever!
[Linus punches him]
David Larrabee: See! I told you! He loves her!
Mrs. Ingrid Tyson: Who?
Patrick Tyson: Sabrina!
David Larrabee: [touching his mouth] Is he packed?
Mack: Yes.
Linus Larrabee: Is who packed?
Mack: You are. Just one bag.
Linus Larrabee: [flustered] Wait a minute, you - you packed my clothes? You went to my apartment?
Maude Larrabee: I took her!
Mack: We were up to our elbows in your underwear drawer; it was like touching the Shroud of Turin.
David Larrabee: Here, sign this. It's your authorization for the completion of the merger. AND this - it gives me the raise I deserve for the new position I'm assuming. There's a car waiting for you downstairs, a helicopter at East 60th... the plane ticket's been changed to the Concorde. It leaves in exactly 39 minutes. If you make it, you just might beat her there.
[Linus turns away in thought]
Elizabeth Tyson, MD: Go, Linus! Don't think!
Linus Larrabee: [hesitantly] She... she must absolutely hate me!
Maude Larrabee: She'll get over it. We all do... Linus, you know I love you. No mother could be prouder. But I think it's time that you ran away from home.
David Larrabee: But sign these first.
[Linus signs the forms and clasps David's shoulder]
Linus Larrabee: If you'll excuse me... it appears I have a previous engagement.