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"Columbo: Columbo Goes to the Guillotine (#8.1)" (1989)
Bert Spindler: [holds up a drink in a toast] To Max the Magnificent.
Lt. Columbo: To Max, sir, and all these tricks, you know how they all work?
Bert Spindler: That's my job. A very beautiful and ancient art.
Lt. Columbo: And the uh, mind reading part, how did that all work?
Bert Spindler: Consultant; universities, corporations, government agencies. Exposing those ESP people. He even wrote a book on it: 'Dyson on Mind Reading.' Max was so good himself, he never found a psychic who wasn't a fake. Until yesterday.
Lt. Columbo: Is that a fact, sir?
Bert Spindler: He conducted a big test out at some think tank institute. Really shook him up.

Bert Spindler: He was loved. Well, not by those mind readers and psychics; they weren't so crazy about him, once he got on their case. But magicians loved him. I loved him.
Lt. Columbo: I've never seen so many wonderful tricks. Those beautiful Chinese rings, and that terrific birdcage. Once, on a vacation with Mrs. Columbo, I saw a magician make a tiger disappear right out of the ring, but I've never seen a trick like that guillotine trick upstairs. That must be some dangerous trick.
Bert Spindler: Not if you're careful. Max built in some safeguards, made it all foolproof.
Lt. Columbo: What happened to Max, that didn't look very foolproof. How do you explain that?
Bert Spindler: Are you sure you won't join me, Lieutenant?
Lt. Columbo: No, thank you very much, sir.
Bert Spindler: Max must have gotten careless. Forgot to lock in the safety bolt.