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"Columbo: Columbo Goes to the Guillotine (#8.1)" (1989)
Elliott Blake: The third card after a wavy line is always false. How many times have we been through this?
Dr. Paula Hall: I'm sorry, Elliott. I - I tried.
Elliott Blake: 'Try' to understand; there's a precision to all this, and it starts with the premise that you will lose your institute unless you please the military and Mr. Harrow. Do you think you pleased them, Paula?
Dr. Paula Hall: No, not yet.
Elliott Blake: Not yet, because you gave them 74% accuracy when you and I agreed to set a level of 86%.
Dr. Paula Hall: Right! We'll rehearse it...
[picks up ESP cards]
Dr. Paula Hall: again. The first answer after the square is always true, unless there's an intervening circle, and the second answer after a wavy line is always false, unless that wavy line itself is false... or is it true?
[throws cards at Elliott]
Dr. Paula Hall: God, I don't know anymore! So much for our scientific study of extrasensory perception.

Dr. Paula Hall: [referring to Mr. Harrow] Elliott, he will be back tomorrow. We have to show him more. God, we never should have started this!
Elliott Blake: We "started this" for you. To maintain your funding, my dearest doctor.

Mr. Harrow: The Soviet Union is deeply engaged in psychic research for intelligence purposes. Now, either they're a pack of fools, or we're missing a very important vet. Take a position, Dr. Hall.
Dr. Paula Hall: Our position is obvious, Mr. Harrow. In terms of practical results, Elliott's scores are the highest ever recorded at this institute.
Mr. Harrow: In that case, the next time we suspect a double agent in our midst, I'll just frighten him to death with your test scores.

Mr. Harrow: I'm sure you're both familiar with Max Dyson.
Max Dyson: April Fool, Paula. Say hello to the boogeyman.
Dr. Paula Hall: THIS is your authority? A fake magician?
Max Dyson: Fake? I'm a magician, 'Max the Magnificent,' a pretty good mentalist in my time. I certainly learned all the tricks.

Mr. Harrow: You are aware that Mr. Dyson has made a specialty out of dealing with psychics.
Colonel Eckherdt: The expression is "exposing charlatans."
Dr. Paula Hall: This institute exposes charlatans.
Max Dyson: Good. We ought to get along fine.
[to Elliott]
Max Dyson: You're Elliott Blake.
Elliott Blake: And you're Max. 'The Magnificent.'