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Jesse Jerome (Character)
from "Columbo: Now You See Him (#5.5)" (1976)

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"Columbo: Now You See Him (#5.5)" (1976)
Jesse Jerome: Tell me, Santini, last month before you left for New York, you didn't by chance break into this office and search through my effects?
Santini: What a silly question. Of course I did. And I stole your Manet, your Picasso, and got a lovely price for your Reubens. You know I didn't.
Jesse Jerome: I thought not. It was dreadful of me even to, uh, suggest it.
Santini: Thank you.

Jesse Jerome: Um, speaking of New York, uh, I take it that...
[taking a wad of cash out of an envelope]
Jesse Jerome: ...this too is, uh, some sort of joke?
Santini: Five thousand dollars is hardly a joke.
Jesse Jerome: Come, come, dear friend, I've assimilated the rudiments of arithmetic. Your recent tour netted 100,000 dollars, fifty percent of which is...
Santini: Five percent of which is five thousand dollars.

Jesse Jerome: No, no, dear man, we've been over this before.
Santini: Jerome, I'm bored with you bleeding me. I'm afraid we're going to have to make a change in our little arrangement.
Jesse Jerome: There are no changes... Sergeant Mueller! You see how the very mention of that name renders you completely helpless. You keep forgetting that I know who you are, and where you came from.
Santini: I was 21. I was merely a boy.
Jesse Jerome: No one in the SS was "merely a boy," Mueller. No one in the camps was just a boy. Unless he was being taken into the oven. Don't misunderstand me. If you push me, I will tell. The newspapers, the immigration service, the Israelis - yes, the Israelis! Oh, how they'd love to get their hands on you!
Santini: I think not. I'm far too valuable to you.
Jesse Jerome: You call that value?
Santini: Mmm-hmmm.
Jesse Jerome: I'd do much better turning you in right now, while I still have the chance, before you break in here again, trying to find the old man's letter, and don't deny that it was you!

Santini: Jerome, you really are an animal.
Jesse Jerome: You're lucky! I'm a businessman. When that old man recognized you last year, didn't I give you the money to keep him quiet? That was good business. And when he died and I realized that I was the only one who knew, well, that was very good business, too. That's why we're such a good team, you and I. You know, you do rather well, considering the circumstances. Certainly better than spending the rest of your life in an Israeli prison. I urge you to look at it realistically. Have the other 45,000 for me tonight before the performance, or believe me, it will be your last performance... anywhere.
[as Santini gets up to leave, Jerome gives a Nazi salute]
Jesse Jerome: Heil Hitler! Have the money for me before the show.