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Carol Flemming (Character)
from Prescription: Murder (1968) (TV)

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Prescription: Murder (1968) (TV)
Dr. Ray Flemming: I didn't think you'd be up.
Carol Flemming: Don't bother to undress. You're sleeping in the guest room. I've turned down the bed.
Dr. Ray Flemming: Carol...
Carol Flemming: I think you should know I'm calling my lawyers in the morning.
Dr. Ray Flemming: It's been a long day. Do we have to start on that again?
Carol Flemming: You'll have to indulge me just this one last time, dearie. It's lucky for you I'm too well-bred to throw a tantrum.
Dr. Ray Flemming: All right. Fire away.

Carol Flemming: Six months ago, I gave you a choice. Between me and your... oh, how shall I put it? Extracurricular activity.
Dr. Ray Flemming: I made that choice.
Carol Flemming: I wanted a husband in fact, not just in appearance. If you refused I'd divorce you.
Dr. Ray Flemming: There was a catch to that, as I recall.
Carol Flemming: Well, naturally, you don't think I'm going to make it easy for you? I'd create as much scandal as I possibly could for you and ruin your practice entirely.
Dr. Ray Flemming: Aside from taking every penny that I've got.
Carol Flemming: Those were my terms! You accepted them... until tonight.

Carol Flemming: [talking about their friend Burt Gordon] I never saw anyone work as hard, including you.
Dr. Ray Flemming: But I didn't have to. My wife had a rich father.
Carol Flemming: [smiling] And you married me for my money.
Dr. Ray Flemming: Not yours, darling. Your father's.

Carol Flemming: [moments before she is strangled by her husband] Our second honeymoon may be better than our first.