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Agent Carlson (Character)
from "Columbo: Ransom for a Dead Man (#1.0)" (1971)

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"Columbo: Ransom for a Dead Man (#1.0)" (1971)
Lt. Columbo: Unique woman.
Agent Carlson: What's that?
Lt. Columbo: Oh, I say, uh, she's an exceptional woman.
Agent Carlson: What do you mean?
Lt. Columbo: Well, when the phone rang, you know, she ran to the phone, she picked up the receiver, and uh, she never asked her - her husband if he was all right.
Agent Carlson: I don't see anything strange about that. The woman was frightened, under stress.
Lt. Columbo: That's right, yeah, yeah, she - she was, she was under stress, right. Gee, I just can't help thinking though, but... if I was in the hands of kidnappers, and my wife didn't ask me if I was okay, uh... I'd think about that.
Agent Carlson: What's your point, Lieutenant?
Lt. Columbo: Point? No, no, no point. Just that, uh... she's a unique person.
Agent Carlson: Good night, Lieutenant.

Lt. Columbo: Uh, did she ask where the body was?
Agent Carlson: No.
Lt. Columbo: I didn't think so. Oh, listen, one more thing, Mr. Carlson. She didn't, uh, ask how her husband was killed, did she?
Agent Carlson: No...
Lt. Columbo: That's what I thought.
Agent Carlson: All right, Lieutenant, what's bothering you now?

Agent Carlson: Let's understand this one thing: if you start harassing this woman, I'm going to take it upstairs.
Lt. Columbo: Ah, just one minute, uh, Mr. Carlson. You see, it's like this: this is not just a kidnapping; this is a murder now... and I kinda figure that's my department. I'll see ya 'round.