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Luis Montoya (Character)
from "Columbo: A Matter of Honor (#5.4)" (1976)

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"Columbo: A Matter of Honor (#5.4)" (1976)
Commandant Sanchez: I hope you understand, Luis, that, uh, the lieutenant here is here as my guest. He has no official status.
Luis Montoya: So inquisitive. I find him amusing.

Lt. Columbo: [referring to bullfighting] I don't know how you fight those things to make a living.
Luis Montoya: It's more than a living, Lieutenant. It's a way of life.
Lt. Columbo: I'll tell you the truth, uh, I don't think I would enjoy watching a man kill an animal like that, as big and as mean as he is.
Luis Montoya: Perhaps you do enjoy the spectacle of two men in the prize ring beating each other senseless, or murdering an innocent deer with a rifle, or catching a fish with another one which is still alive. Our culture is different than yours, Lieutenant. No better or worse, perhaps, but, uh, different.

Lt. Columbo: May I ask you a personal question, sir?
Luis Montoya: Oh, by all means.
Lt. Columbo: Did you injure your leg in the bullring?
Luis Montoya: [nodding] On the Plaza Del Toros, Mexico. It was the wound that ended my career. And, ironically, it wasn't even the bull I was supposed to fight. You see, I was appearing mano a mano with a young matador who froze, and the bull gored him. I jumped to his rescue, and I, too, was gored. Badly. Here. They tried to take me to the infirmary along with the young matador, but I refused to go. Despite the blood flowing from my wound, I stayed in the ring and I did one of the best faenas of my career. I killed the bull with one thrust. The people loved it! They stood up and gave me an electrifying ovation. Two ears and a tail! That was my last fight.
Lt. Columbo: Well, that must have taken a lot of courage, sir.

Luis Montoya: There are no buts.

Commandant Sanchez: A bull like Marinaro, how much he worth?
Luis Montoya: $8,000 - more with inflation.
Lt. Columbo: Seems like a valuable piece of property to destroy without permission.

Luis Montoya: You see, my cows are very aggressive, Lieutenant. That's why they breed such brave bulls.

Lt. Columbo: Actually, I thought if I got the chance I'd like to come out here one more time before I left. I'm fascinated by everything out here, but I don't want to be a pest.
Luis Montoya: Oh, not at all, Lieutenant. You're welcome here anytime.
Lt. Columbo: Well, thank you very much, sir. I've been fascinated by everything I've seen out here and I still think there's a lot to learn.

Luis Montoya: I am sorry, Lieutenant. I have tried to be gracious; I have answered all your questions; my courtesy has been rewarded with accusation. I must ask you to leave my house and not return.

Luis Montoya: [losing control before Columbo] If you understood the first thing about bullfighting, you would not question Hector's death.