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Alex Benedict (Character)
from "Columbo: Étude in Black (#2.1)" (1972)

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"Columbo: Étude in Black (#2.1)" (1972)
Jenifer Welles: Well, I thought you might be a little angry.
Alex Benedict: How could I be angry looking at you? I just don't like ultimatums, that's all.
Jenifer Welles: I don't like being a secret mistress. It's not my style.
Alex Benedict: I know that. You told me.

Jenifer Welles: Darling, I know you. I know you're not really afraid of hurting Janice. You're just reluctant to lose her mother's backing... and all that money. Don't worry. You're a genius.
Alex Benedict: Yes.
Jenifer Welles: You'll always have everything. You're just a little weak, deep inside, and all you really need is me. And I need you, because I'm the same.

Janice Benedict: How well did you know her, Alex?
Alex Benedict: Oh, you know.
Janice Benedict: I don't know.
Alex Benedict: Now what is that supposed to mean?
Janice Benedict: You know her phone number by heart.
Alex Benedict: I know a lot of telephone numbers of people I work with by heart.

Alex Benedict: Now, you're always imagining that I'm... I'm... leaping into beds all over town. I've never done that.
Janice Benedict: Oh, Alex, don't. I know you.
Alex Benedict: Why do all these people feel that they know me?

Lieutenant Columbo: I never got to ask you last night what I wanted to ask ya.
Alex Benedict: Go ahead.
Lieutenant Columbo: Terrific place. Terrific.
Alex Benedict: Thank you. We like it.

Lieutenant Columbo: Can I ask you a personal question?
Alex Benedict: Please.
Lieutenant Columbo: What do you pay in taxes on this place?

Lieutenant Columbo: I had a thought. Listen to this: what if she didn't commit suicide?
Alex Benedict: Uh, isn't that peculiar? Because that's what I was gonna say. That... That... I was awake almost all night thinking about the same thing.
Lieutenant Columbo: No kidding.
Alex Benedict: Yes... only I rejected the idea.

Lieutenant Columbo: Oh, she could've passed out from the gas. And she coulda fallen off that chair and she could have bumped her head; but, uh... you know, that was a pretty good bump. You know, someone coulda hit her.
Alex Benedict: That's just an assumption on your part.
Lieutenant Columbo: Right. Very difficult to prove.

Alex Benedict: What's matter? Did I scare you?
Jenifer Welles: Well, just for a second I was feeling all the hairs on the back of my neck.
Alex Benedict: That's just sex.

Lieutenant Columbo: Listen, I really appreciate your taking the time to chat with me like this. You know, this is a lonely business, and it's nice just to have someone that ya... well, just air out your thoughts with.
Alex Benedict: You know, it's shocking... SHOCKING when you think about suicide, the word. Now, see, I can understand how she might have killed herself, but what possible reason for someone to kill her?

Lieutenant Columbo: Are you still with me?
Alex Benedict: I'm standing here.

Alex Benedict: Am I too late for the lynching?

Alex Benedict: I'm guilty, you know that. Just for the record, I love you.

Alex Benedict: Goodbye, genius.