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Sandra Bevin (Character)
from Eruption (1977)

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Eruption (1977)
[first lines]
[Peter gives a cap for a sunscreen bottle to Sandra]
Peter Winston: Lose something?
Sandra Bevin: [takes the bottle cap] Get lost.
Peter Winston: Hey, take it easy on me.
Sandra Bevin: Beat it!
Peter Winston: I can take a hint. I just thought I'd like to sell you a little insurance.
Sandra Bevin: [scoffs] Now I've heard everything. Get lost.
Peter Winston: [as he walks away] Hey, just thought I'd give it a try. It never hurts to try.
Sandra Bevin: Hey, wait a minute. Come back here. Have a seat.
[Peter walks back and sits down beside Sandra]
Sandra Bevin: You salesmen are all alike. Your timing's wrong. Slow down. Don't you know there's a speed limit on this island? 55 miles per hour.
Peter Winston: And how fast would you say I was going?
Sandra Bevin: 100 miles per hour!
Peter Winston: Why don't you pull me over and give me a ticket?

Peter Winston: Here's the check for your husband's life insurance. I'm gonna hand it to you. Don't look at it, just put it in your purse. And don't put it in your safety deposit box until I tell you to. You understand?
Sandra Bevin: Yes, okay, okay. But Peter, I'm nervous.
Peter Winston: Listen, there's a old Chinese proverb: "The sting of the bumblebee is deadly. But it's the charm of the bumblebee that'll kill you". Lots of help, huh?
Sandra Bevin: Not much.

[after strangling Sandra's husband]
Sandra Bevin: Is he dead?
Peter Winston: Oh, he's dead as he'll ever be!

Sandra Bevin: We did it! Do you love me?
Peter Winston: What do you think?
Sandra Bevin: I don't know.
Peter Winston: Well, get in the car and into the back seat, and I'll prove it.