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Quotes for
Frankie (Character)
from Shark Tale (2004)

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Shark Tale (2004)
Lenny: Mom says it's not okay to hit!
[Frankie slaps Lenny]
Frankie: Mom's not here!

Frankie: [dying] Lenny, is that you?
Lenny: I'm here, Frankie.
Frankie: Come closer.
Lenny: What is it, Frankie?
Frankie: I feel so cold.
Lenny: That's just because we're cold-blooded.
[Frankie slaps Lenny]
Lenny: Ow!
Frankie: Moron.

[Frankie starts humming the Jaws tune]
Lenny: That song gives me the creeps!
Frankie: What do ya mean? It's our theme song!
[the Jaws tune starts to play, and the opening credits roll]

Frankie: Sorry, pop. Lenny had a little accident. He was born!
Lenny: Ha ha. You're a comedy genius.