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Quotes for
Sykes (Character)
from Shark Tale (2004)

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Shark Tale (2004)
Don Lino: I tell you what's what, and what?
Sykes: What?
Don Lino: What what?
Sykes: What what nothin'. You said what first.
Don Lino: I didn't say what first.
Sykes: You said "and then what?' and I said "what?'
Don Lino: No, I said "What, what?" as in "What, what?"
Sykes: ...You said what first.

Oscar: Sykes, shut up! SHUT UP!
Sykes: Hey, that's good. That's good, I like that! Shut up, Lino! Ha! Shut up. Oh, kid, he wants to talk to you.
Oscar: [Whispers] No. I'm not here. I'm not here!
Sykes: Yeah, he's right here.
Oscar: [Sykes gives shellphone to Oscar] Hello?
Don Lino: [on phone with Oscar] Shut up? Shut up? You don't tell *me* shut up, I tell *you* shut up!
Don Lino: [hears phone dialing]
Don Lino: What?
Luca: Hi, how you doing? I'll have a large pie, everything on it, anchovies, meatballs, mushrooms...
Don Lino: Luca!
Luca: Oh... Uh, hi, Boss! What're you doing working at a pizza joint?
Don Lino: [shouts] Get off the phone!
Luca: But I'm hungry.
[hangs up]
Don Lino: [sighs] My guys are coming for you, Sharkslayer. They're going to tear you fin from fin!

Sykes: My brother, my player, the shark-slayer!

Ernie: [on the phone] Syke's Whale Wash! You get a whale of a wash and the price... eh... is really, really low, considering how good the wash is.
Sykes: It's "oh my gosh!" "You get a whale of a wash, and the price, oh my gosh!"
Ernie: Got it!
[the phone rings, and Ernie answers it]
Ernie: Whale wash!
Bernie: Rhymes with gosh!
[both laugh]
Sykes: [chasing the brothers off] Get out of here, you two! Go be useless someplace else!

Sykes: Now I have to pay Don Lino protection, so everything you owe me, you owe him!
Oscar: How do you figure that?
Sykes: Simple - the food chain!
[Pulls out chart]
Sykes: On top there's Don Lino, there's me, there's regular fish...
Oscar: And that's me!
Sykes: No. There's plankton, there's single-celled amoebas...
Oscar: And then me!
Sykes: I'm getting there, I'm getting there... There's coral, there's rocks, there's whale poop, and then there's you.
Oscar: That's messed up.

Sykes: Ernie! Bernie! I want you to find the deepest, darkest hole in the ocean, and when you do, dig deeper and put him in it!

Sykes: [on the phone, while watching Oscar slay Lenny on TV] I don't think you understand how huge my client is. Turn on your TV right now!
Sykes: [still on phone and Oscar has been eaten by Lenny] Turn off the TV! Turn off your TV!
Sykes: [still on phone and Oscar escapes Lenny's mouth] Turn on your TV! What are you doing turning off your TV? Turn it back on!

Sykes: Come on, snap your fin. Snap it. You're not snapping it.
Don Lino: I'm snapping it, I'm snapping it!
Sykes: That's okay, a lot of great whites can't do it, yo.
Don Lino: Yo?
Sykes: Yo, what's up?
Don Lino: What's up with what?
Sykes: Yo-yo-yo, yo-yo-yo, yo-yo-yo-yo...
Don Lino: Hey, you say "Yo" one more time, and I'm gonna yo you.
Sykes: I'm sorry.

Sykes: [on the phone] That's right, Lino! The Shark Slayer hired me as his agent! So I'm now, what I like to call, UNTOUCHABLE! And another thing - from now on you're gonna start paying ME protection!

Oscar: Sykes, the deal is off! That shark I killed was Don Lino's SON!
Sykes: I know! Ain't that great?
Oscar: Not if he finds out!

Sykes: Who's your Puff Daddy? Who takes care of you, huh?

Sykes: [about Lenny] Look, all I'm saying is the kid ain't exactly no killer!
Don Lino: My Lenny is a killer, you hear me? A cold-blooded killer! Look at him!
[Lenny wiggles around on a bar stool]