Don Lino
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Don Lino (Character)
from Shark Tale (2004)

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Shark Tale (2004)
Don Lino: I tell you what's what, and what?
Sykes: What?
Don Lino: What what?
Sykes: What what nothin'. You said what first.
Don Lino: I didn't say what first.
Sykes: You said "and then what?' and I said "what?'
Don Lino: No, I said "What, what?" as in "What, what?"
Sykes: ...You said what first.

Oscar: Sykes, shut up! SHUT UP!
Sykes: Hey, that's good. That's good, I like that! Shut up, Lino! Ha! Shut up. Oh, kid, he wants to talk to you.
Oscar: [Whispers] No. I'm not here. I'm not here!
Sykes: Yeah, he's right here.
Oscar: [Sykes gives shellphone to Oscar] Hello?
Don Lino: [on phone with Oscar] Shut up? Shut up? You don't tell *me* shut up, I tell *you* shut up!
Don Lino: [hears phone dialing]
Don Lino: What?
Luca: Hi, how you doing? I'll have a large pie, everything on it, anchovies, meatballs, mushrooms...
Don Lino: Luca!
Luca: Oh... Uh, hi, Boss! What're you doing working at a pizza joint?
Don Lino: [shouts] Get off the phone!
Luca: But I'm hungry.
[hangs up]
Don Lino: [sighs] My guys are coming for you, Sharkslayer. They're going to tear you fin from fin!

Giuseppe: It's a terrible thing. Everyone loved Frankie. May whoever did this die a thousand deaths. May his stinking, maggot-covered corpse rot in the fiery depths of Hell.
Don Lino: Thank you for your kind thoughts, Guiseppe.

Don Lino: [hugging his son] Lenny? Is that you? You're alive? I thought I'd lost you... What're you wearing, huh? What is that?
[Lenny heaves a resigned sigh and sheds his disguise. The other sharks gape at him]
Luca: Hey, boss, it's Lenny - he was wearing a disguise so we wouldn't recognise him, but he's not wearing a disguise, so we DO recognise him!
Lenny: Hi, Pop...
Don Lino: Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Are you out of your MIND? Do you have any idea how this looks?
Giuseppe: This is the best sit-down I've ever been to!
Don Lino: What're you doing with this guy? He took out your own flesh and blood, Frankie!
Lenny: But Pop, just listen...
Don Lino: But nothing, you never take sides against the family, ever!
Oscar: Don, Lino, sir, listen, it's not his fault - this is between you and me!
Don Lino: What did I ever do to YOU? You took Frankie away, and you turned Lenny into a dolphin! I'm going to get you!
[He goes for Oscar]

Sykes: Come on, snap your fin. Snap it. You're not snapping it.
Don Lino: I'm snapping it, I'm snapping it!
Sykes: That's okay, a lot of great whites can't do it, yo.
Don Lino: Yo?
Sykes: Yo, what's up?
Don Lino: What's up with what?
Sykes: Yo-yo-yo, yo-yo-yo, yo-yo-yo-yo...
Don Lino: Hey, you say "Yo" one more time, and I'm gonna yo you.
Sykes: I'm sorry.

Don Feinberg: He come out of nowhere, this guy. Calls himself...
[turns around with a flourish]
Don Feinberg: The Shark Slayer!
Don Lino: [behind him] Ira, over here...
[Feinberg turns to face Lino]
Don Feinberg: [makes the flourish again] The Shark Slayer!
Don Lino: Where do I find him?
Don Feinberg: He lives on the South Side. That's all we could dig up.

Don Lino: Hey, Luca... Get Sykes. He knows that Reef better than anybody. I want to know all about this guy. I want to know what he does. I want to know where he eats. I want to know where he sleeps. He pops a gill, I want to know about it. Who is the Shark Slayer?

Oscar: Now which one of y'all sardines called this here meeting?
Don Lino: That would be me.
[slams the door, making Sykes, Oscar and Lenny cringe a little]
Don Lino: So, this is the Shark Slayer. I've been looking forward to meeting you. I feel like we're practically family, you know? Funny, ain't it? I brought my sons into the world, full of love and care. And then you took them out. Do you know who I am? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I'm the Don, the boss of the Great White Sharks!
Luca: Hey boss, I saved you a seat!

[Don Lino gets wedged in a porthole while chasing Oscar]
Don Lino: [calling after Oscar] You're gonna regret the day you became the Shark Slayer!
[the Shrimp appears in another porthole]
Shrimp: Well, well, well... look who's stuck in the porthole...
Don Lino: Huh?
Shrimp: You still hungry, big guy? Well, say hello to my little friends!
[a bunch of shrimps appear and attack Lino]

[while Don Lino talks to Sykes, the music record slips]
Don Lino: LUCA!
[Luca fixes the record, but accidentally sets it to play "Baby Got Back". Lino and Sykes stare at Luca, who quickly puts the record off]
Luca: Hey, boss... big butts. Ha ha.
Don Lino: Oy vey...

[first words]
Don Lino: [looking in an aquarium of piranha] How are my babies this morning? You miss me? You doing good, huh? Huh? You see, Sykes, it's a fish-eat-fish world - you either take or you get TAKEN!
[drops a morsel into the aquarium and the fish fight over it]

Sykes: [about Lenny] Look, all I'm saying is the kid ain't exactly no killer!
Don Lino: My Lenny is a killer, you hear me? A cold-blooded killer! Look at him!
[Lenny wiggles around on a bar stool]